Colorful Life

One reason why I love the fashion world, is that it is highly colorful. As a fashion blogger and fashion editor, I find the most interesting aspect of my job is how colorful and varied it is; it comes in the colors of an energetic fashion world.

We deal with the fashion world and beauty world every single day; and it never gets boring because it never gets grayscaled. Beauty surrounds us whether we want it or not; and I am truly more than grateful that even when the work is hard, it is matched by a beautiful colorful outcome; in the print, online and in the multiple events where we enjoy both brands and people.

Of course, there are two ways to look at it: You can focus on how much writing there is, and how much work that is, especially that fashion in particular is hard to deal with in Arabic; or you can get lost in a daze of beautiful pictures and allow the writing to flow effortlessly, which is exactly how I do it.

When I hit a writer’s block; I Vogue around the internet, Style some ideas, shop in a Bazaar of new trends or Elle-ow myself to wander streamlining live fashion shows.

But above all; I am loving it because it is very colorful: From a fast growing fashion blog, to the consultancy missions I handle for new designers and beauty destinations, to a day job as a fashion editor complementing what I already do, to the events I leave my desk to attend breaking the daily routine almost all the time, to the gifts and perks I get all the time as both a blogger and an editor; and to the cool other editor and cooler boss!

I have so much to be grateful about in this fashion journey; and above all I am grateful for having you as my readers, it keeps me going 🙂

I hope I am adding some color to your internet tabs, and social media timelines!


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