Days in the Sun…

We all need those days in the sun, so never skip your healthy dose of time off by the beach; I mean it, never skip spending days in the sun.

In fact, life has gotten way too stressful lately; just too much work, too much meetings, too much to attend or to attend to, and too much to plan and prepare. Being a regional fashion editor and a blogger, all while consulting for a few clients here and there had been getting to me… I am also still writing my thesis.

Only recently did I join back gym, after 2 months of calling a full off; and this had taken its toll. I paid the price in terms of weight gain, decreased energy levels and a substantial muscle loss. I have lost the part of me that lifts like a maniac and doesn’t mind having big tennis legs.
I have also let go of my diet; losing the grip not only on my food intake but on my life; because nothing indicates more control / or lack of it, that being in control of your food and healthy living.

And it is okay; it is really okay… There’s no one I know including myself; who didn’t let go under the effects of stress once in a while. The most important part of the story is how you get back on track; prioritize your health and well being; and do your best to minimize your “letting go” periods.

My biggest recharge mechanism are my days in the sun; these few days I just took off to re-plan my come back; not to my work, not to my blog, not to my freelance projects; but to myself, to Patricia, her health and her well being, the ultimate priority I’ve been putting off as my life was being severely reshuffled.

Do not allow life to take you away; no matter how good are the opportunities and how great is the reward: Always always remember to have your well being as your own very first priority.

Do go out, alone, embrace nature, waste your days in the sun…


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