How to Get the Perfect Tan in Eight Days

I am a big fan of tanned skin; no so much of dry skin, burnt skin or breakouts; so by experience, I’ve learned how to get the perfect tan in a little more than a week without causing terrible damage to my skin.
I’ve been asking myself for about 5 years “how to get the perfect tan” and I have been answering this question through trial and error at my own expense, sun burns, dehydration, horrible tan lines and you name it. So the formula I will be sharing with you here is the best I came up with so far.

How to get the perfect tan in eight days; here are the steps:

1. Start drinking carrot juice daily and adding carrots to your diet at least a month before the season; in moderate quantities. If you missed this step, 2 glasses of carrot juice a day once you start tanning or starting two days ahead will do.
2. Start moisturizing your skin using extensive moisturizers, before you start the tanning party. If you missed on this step, try it twice a day with an intensive moisturizer. Never miss this step the night before you go to the beach.
3. Drinking at least 3 liters of waters on the days you are tanning and 2 liters on the days you are not is very very important
4. Choose a high quality tanning accelerator and an after-tanning cooling moisturizer.
5. Start tanning for 20 minutes on each side (40 minutes in total) for the first 3 days; do not forget to use your after tanning cooling moisturizer.
6. Tan for 30 minutes on each side (60 minutes in total) for the next 2 days.
7. Tan for 40 minutes on each side (80 minutes in total) for the next 3 days.
8. Do not forget to use an extensive face and body moisturizer after showering; this step is separate from using the cooling moisturizer right after tanning.
9. Make sure you drink plenty of water while tanning as well.
10. You can use a tan enhancer then continue tanning at a slower pace throughout summer; but your main tan is finally here in a week!!


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