Sunsets are the long day’s way to give us a moment of beauty and peace. Sunsets are the mind’s opportunity to give up overworking and wander for a moment. Sunsets are nature’s way to bring in beauty to any place, no matter how aesthetically inadequate it is; because sunsets have a special way to add serenity to simply, everywhere.

I have always loved watching the sunset, on the beach, from a plane, in a forest, in the mountains or through the city’s skyline. The sunset is my “keep calm and reflect on life” moment of the day; of everyday…

It is true that it often comes with plenty of flash backs and nostalgia; with plenty of memories; with visualization of a lot of forever gone cherished moments of the past… But it remains, along with dawn, the most beautiful moments of the day.

But sometimes, I like to add a twist to my sunset and to live it up; to change its sad connotation and reshuffle its notions; with music, drinks and a perfect entertaining ambiance. Last I did that, was at “The Roof” (the rooftop bar of the all famous Four Seasons hotel) early this week… I am also planning some kayaking the sunset, running the sunset and drawing the sunset challenges before the end of the summer.

Sunsets are very important parts of my life; during sunsets I had the most inspirational ideas, remembered the happiest days of my life and sometimes created some of the best things I ever wrote…

At that, what is sunset to you and what is your way of making it special??

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