How to Repair Color-Damaged Hair?

I recently went blonde (obviously), which means additional hair care problems since recently bleached hair always faces falling and breakage.

So in order to protect my new blond hair, I am applying a new hair routine on weekly basis, read it below!

-Washing my hair 3 times a week using Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner for colored hair; always my favorite duo to keep my hair smooth and silky; especially now that it is shorter.

-Using Pantene Pro-V oil replacement; the miracle product that gives me super disciplined hair overnight, or alternatively puts my mind at ease while my hair is being subjected to heat. The yellow tag range against hair fall is my “keep your blond hair in place” formula.

-Moroccan Argan oils and Indian oils from Garnier are a one time per week pre-shampoo (usually one hour) treatment.

-Ducray moiturizing hair mask “Nutricerat” is my weapon against dry hair, I use it once to twice a week depending on how many hair styling sessions I’m planning for the week.

-Bee Mine Juicy is the moisturizing spray I keep handy for those days I feel my hair had been overexposed to heat or wind. It is perfect for an instant restoration of hair moisture.

What’s your hair care routine?


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