On Women Who Wear A Lot Of Makeup

I hear a lot on women who wear a lot of makeup.
-She must be insecure.
-She must have a lot to hide.
-She must be too ugly under all of these layers…
You name it, I heard it.

But how can we reconcile our views of the ladies who wear a lot of makeup with the rise of numerous successful beauty bloggers and artists, and all the campaigns worth millions of dollars to encourage ladies to buy more makeup products and teach them how to use them??

I mean who doesn’t follow Huda Kattan, Laura Badura, and Goar Avetisyan religiously? If you’re not, you are either off social media or simply lying 


So here are my two cents on the issue:

Makeup is not necessarily a form of insecurity.
First of all, makeup cannot make an ugly woman beautiful. It merely enhances what a lady already has; and makes a bad skin day, a good one.
It is utterly unfair from the media to have such schizophrenic views; first promoting all of these makeup products and tutorials, then shaming women for wanting to put some of them to use.
This doesn’t mean that waking up and painting one’s face every single day, on the beach or to the gym is okay; but it goes to say that for every dollar spent on makeup due to all of these campaigns, the media must refrain from an extra too-much-makeup comment.
Makeup nowadays evolved from being face-paint to being more fit to the human features. Going back to history, makeup made a long way and no longer deserves these nasty labels. Cosmetics brands evolved into look-good brands giving choices ranging from no-makeup makeup to more dramatic choices; leaving ladies with the option to play around with how much drama do they want to add to their natural face.
Think Egypt, Saharan Africa and Ancient Japan; when makeup was truly irrational paint, but never faced this much shaming.
If Cleopatra wore dramatic eyeliner every single day of her life and was never shamed for it; none of us women deserves to be shamed for wanting to look better.

So get up, wing your eyeliner, and do not take shit from the media.

Glamorously Yours;

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