Why Should You Buy Into These Benefits

Benefit Cosmetics Lebanon, yes they’re here! A brand most of you already know from their travels abroad and their American friends. A brand most of us love for their organic creative and super girly approach to almost everything.

Now besides breaking the news to you, which I already did on my FacebookTwitter, and Instagram a few weeks ago; I am now sharing with you my review of a few Benefit Cosmetics products. Why I love them? And why is it worth it to buy them?


-The Porefessional:

The Porefessional is a makeup primer which main function is to minimize the appearance of pores.

Why I love it? Because it gets the promised job done. I have very few visible pores to be honest, and they’re around the nose. They’re so small that I didn’t expect the product to erase them; but it did.

Why is it worth it? Because in our -mostly hot- countries, we tend to have combination to greasy skins, and mainly visible pores; and this product truly erases the pores’ visibility and goes light and smooth on the skin.



Browzings is a mini brow shaping kit with a defining wax, filling powder, a tweezer and two brushes.

Why I love it? Because with my natural, thick, dark and very bushy brows; I could use some definition, specifically on the inner corner of the brow.

Why is it worth it? Because it doesn’t look fake. The color blends in naturally and doesn’t leave hard edges if blended well.


-They’re Real:

They’re Real is a mascara that gives you longer, curvier and thicker lashes without the dramatic effects.

Why I love it? Because it enhances the lashes on all levels without looking fake.

Why is it worth it? Because it does all we want to do with our natural lashes without overly thickening them. Lovers of a balanced makeup will adore this product.


-Roller Lash:

Roller Lash is a mascara that’ll give you curved lashes without the need for a lash curler.

Why I love it? Because I just threw away my lash curler. And because it gives me a wide awake look on my sleepiest mornings!!

Why is it worth it? Because it curls your lashes up all day long, and saves you time and injuries!!



Hoola is a matte bronzer with a natural finish.

Why I love it? Because it is a great variation from heavier shinier bronzers.

Why is it worth it? Because it is a very natural and versatile product that can be used by day and by night. It embraces the skin perfectly and gives a natural finish. Then with one extra sweep, becomes also a blusher. Double benefits!



Benetint is a lip/cheek tint that goes as a natural blusher and lip color.

-Why I love it?  Because it is the ultimate day product for a natural polished yet undone look.

-Why is it worth it? Because it lasts for hours on both the cheeks and the lips; and is the perfect product for a no-makeup makeup look.


-High Beam:

High Beam is the Benefit creamy highlighter, in a nailpolish-like bottle.

Why I love it? Because it is light, just the correct dose of shimmer if used in moderation.

Why is it worth it? Because it is neither gold nor silver, but rather a neutral pink; and can be very multi-purpose. And you only need a minimal amount, so it lasts so long!!


-Gimme Brow:

Gimme brow is a voluminizing fiber gel for the eyebrows from Benefit Cosmetics.

Why I love it? Because with my huge thick browns, the thickness is inconsistent from the inner to the outer corner of the brow; and this products fixes it!

Why is it worth it? Because if it works for me with my mega brows and their gaps, it works then for everyone!

Stay tuned to my social media channels, especially Instagram to see how I will use these products in my daily life.

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Glamorously Yours;


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