Celebrity Hair in Six Months with Hairtone

When was the last time you styled yourself for a glam night while leaving your hair all natural? Have you ever noticed how styling your hair tends to be the most important part of your look? A stylish outfit, makeup and ten accessories put together cannot cover for a bad hair day… This is why, hair is indeed the crown of beauty. And great hair tends to be the number one indicator of high status, glossed image and good health. Reason for which, celebrities and socialites spend thousands of dollars on taking care of their hair and buying extensions to make it look longer and thicker.

The most major problems faced by ladies when it comes to their hair, is usually processing damage and slow growth; and I am no exception. In fact, and after three years of changing colors and cuts, my hair was pretty much destroyed as you can see in the below picture. Many problems plague my mane, but mostly: severe damage in the lower part of the hair, falling out, thinning and extremely slow growth! All of that meant that I was probably a few cuts, years, and thousands of dollars away from my dream hair. Not a scenario I particularly fancy; and the extensions business stands proof that I am not the only one suffering from these problems.

Wanting my hair to grow out of three years of French cuts, and thicken a bit, I had to turn to something different. It was about time for me to try out a treatment that targeted the essence of the problem, instead of layering it with concentrated masks and covering it with extensions.

To be fair, masks do make the hair look better for a few days, and extensions do cover the problem… But both solution are neither permanent nor time saving; and this was exactly what I needed, and what everyone needs.

patricia issa lebanese influencer


patricia issa lebanese influencer


My personal experience:

I started using Hairtone early this summer 2017, as a try out to see if an orally consumed cure could actually help my hair. And to be honest, I didn’t have high hopes after everything else I tried. Results from using supplements are never instantly delivered and I am an impatient person! I want my perfect hair, yesterday! However, as I am taking a host of other supplements in the morning anyway, I persisted.

Three months down the line, I started noticing that fallouts were reduced to a minimum; I was literally collecting less hair from my brushes and combs. What I’ve also noticed was that my hair was slightly thicker and more resilient when pulled or tied. But that wasn’t enough for me… I still wanted longer and stronger hair! However, the current effects were proof to me that Hairtone was working; and for a change, I decided to be patient once more; so I continued my course of supplements over another three months.

Now six months down the line, it was my hair stylist not me who noticed the usual change in my hair! Within six months, I was expecting my hair to grow longer, but I didn’t have averages on my mind… My stylist though, noticed that my hair grew way longer than the expected 6 centimeters over the past 6 months! Because of how slow my hair growth used to be, I used to avoid trimming it as not to lose length; but this time, it had grown a full 9 centimeters within the treatment’s timeline. I was so excited about this newfound fact, that I even trimmed it a bit, for the first time in months!

And it wasn’t just that my hair has exceeded its usual rate of growth by 1.5 times, but that it looks much better on many levels:

First of all, the hair is healthy all across its length. (Well except the previously damaged tips, those had to go anyway!)

Second, my hair is visibly thicker. The thickness was due to the major improvement in the texture of the hair, and the obvious growth of baby hairs into real full length hair.

Moreover, my hair is now more resilient and much less prone to breakage; despite the constant styling.

And finally, I can no longer see as much hair falling as before, even after long styling sessions or overnight masks.

patricia issa lebanese influencer


patricia issa lebanese influencer


patricia issa lebanese influencer


How can you optimize your Hairtone Results? 

Now of course, there are a lot of things you can do to help your hair throughout the course of treatment using Hairtone; because the less you counterbalance with damaging factors, the better your results will be.

1- Try avoiding heat as much as possible so you do not dry your hair, break it and have to trim it often. This way your hair growth will be even more noticeable.

2- If you are used to applying masks every now and then, keep on doing it at least once a week.

3- Trim you hair and clear it from any previous damage early during your treatment so split ends do not drag the length of the hair and break the healthy part of your hair.

4- And finally, try avoiding bleaching as much as possible because it is the worst damaging factor for your hair.

patricia issa lebanese influencer


My personal experience with Hairtone had been a positive one all rounded. In fact, it was hard to state any cons, because the product is simple and straight to the point.

I recommend Hairtone for everyone seeking healthier longer and thicker hair, and for everyone who can’t handle the wait for their short hair well !! I also recommend it for those who are trying to counterbalance previous damage and those who absolutely have to have their hair styled frequently.

To be objective, better results can be obtained throughout the 6 months course, if you take care not to damage your hair during the process. Cumulative results are always optimal ones and it is a much better approach to treat your hair from the inside while protecting it on the outside.

Moreover, Hairtone is as simple as one capsule per day and retails at 53 000 LL for a 2 months course; it is a very affordable product. Totally worth it!!

Retail Info & Contacts:

Hairtone is available in pharmacies all over the country; and online through fee22.com (you can use my code fashioniciafeel22 at checkout for a discount!!); but if you need more information you can get in touch through social media: Instagram Page @hairtoneeva | Facebook Page “@charmingandhealthywitheva” or contact me directly through my handle @pattheyissa

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Ready for gorgeous locks??!!!

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