Obsessed with Historical Documentaries

Here’s one off-topic! One to talk a little about one of the most important intellectual interests I & some people have: “Historical documentaries”.

Besides reading books, a lot of books, I am a sad case of wasting hours over historical documentaries. In fact there are nights where I start watching documentaries (mostly 1 hour documentaries) at 11:00 pm, and do not finish before 03:00 to 04:00 am. What keeps me hooked is the “relevant/similar videos” option… And an avid urge to know, well, everything.

Documentaries are the best thing you can waste your Youtube hours on. In effect, along with books, they are entertainment that also contributes to your inner growth, knowledge and culture.

My favorite types of documentaries are the following (in no particular order):

-Ancient history, especially lost civilizations | The history of British dynasties, the Myconeans, Etruscans, Pharaohs  and anything ancient history from the Far East and Latin America are highly recommended.

-Anything about the Phoenicians, especially their sailing trips and ship building skills | Focus on their undiscovered trips, and possible transatlantic discoveries way before Columbus.

-History-altering archaeological findings | Such as Phoenician coins in the Americas, cocaine in Egyptian mummies, and anything that can change history as we know it.

-Bizarre ancient cultures.

-World War II | I particularly recommend less known battles of the Far East.

-Anything forensic science applied on a century (plus) old crimes | Such as why this or that mummy was killed, crimes relevant to the Medicis, etc…

-Anything crime related | In a modern context, I recommend documentaries on the wittiest serial killers.

-Genocides and crimes against humanity | Open your eyes on the less known genocides, especially those that leftist regimes try to hide such as the Holodomor (man made famine against Ukraine by the USSR, 11 millions), the Leap Forward (Mao’s attempt to force communism on China, 40 millions), and the genocides of the Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot’s Cambodian communist regime, killing 25% of the population), etc…

-Deadly diseases that swept through the land claiming thousands of lives | Focus on the dark ages era, it gets interesting as you find out 50% of Europe was wiped out.

These documentaries are the only thing I watch on Youtube, that I actually do not consider a complete waste of time. It is truly enriching to discover all of these old stories that shaped our current world, and even more interesting to focus on the less known ones. The only downside to this hobby is, well, that nothing will ever satisfy your curiosity; and you will always end up watching the next documentary!!

I don’t have specific Youtube channels to recommend when it comes to documentaries, as there are many amazing English and Arabic Speaking channels; so I highly recommend you search for your favorite topic by keyword and you will be naturally redirected to the top channels!

Warning: Watching documentaries is an addictive behavior that may increase your cultural curiosity and transform you into a nerd (just like me), so good luck!!

-If you need any recommendations, or want to watch my favorite documentaries; please feel free to email me or DM me on my Instagram (@pattheyissa). I’ll answer at my first convenience, as there’s nothing I’d love to share more than culture-

Glamorously Yours; 



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