Step by Step Towards Gorgeous Hair by Hairtone

Who else is tired of watching commercials featuring ladies with gorgeous hair flipping their strands right and left, and crediting different shampoos and serums for the difference?

*I raise my hand*

Hair care is in fact much more than that. It is a whole process of taking care of your hair inside out for an extended period of time, in order to see some real difference in the results; whether what you want is length, resilience, thickness or extra shine. Every promise of great hair overnight, is most probably something adding up some temporary volume and shine to your hair, that’ll wash away in the next shower.

A correct hair care process is a process that starts by building up the structure of the hair from inside, adding strength and resilience, and boosting growth. This is why the Hairtone supplement was created. While at it, trimming weak and split ends, using good nourishing shampoos and conditioners as well as masks; is the other equally important (but not enough on its own) face of the coin.

In this article, I will bring to you the full guide of hair care, that’ll work perfectly with your Hairtone supplement. The tips will cover everything you need to know to get that gorgeous hair within a reasonable span of 6 to 12 months.

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How to take care of your hair from the inside?

Taking care of your hair from the inside is the main pillar of eventually getting gorgeous hair, because nothing really gets your hair to become long, thick and resilient, like providing it with the proper nutriments and essential elements for its health and growth.


  • Make sure your supply of biotin and keratin is high enough in your hair. If your hair is weak, the lack of these elements is probably the primary reason; therefore you will need to make up through a good supplement for a period of a few months so you see serious results. I definitely recommend Hairtone for a course of 4 to 6 months, for results as awesome as the ones I keep raving about on my social media!


  • Drink enough water to keep your scalp hydrated, because a well hydrated healthy scalp means better hair, especially in terms of growth. I am personally making sure I drink at least 2 full liters as I am on my Hairtone supplement.


  • If you do not eat enough fish, then consider also taking Omega 3 supplements, it is very important for hair strength and high shine. Well, I personally eat fish and sea food so… I skip the too much supplements situation.


How to take care of your hair from the outside?

Complementing your hair treatment with external hair care is very important to get the optimal result; because you can never truly see the results you dream of if you are unintentionally damaging your hair while taking your Hairtone supplements.


  • Use a shampoo that’s soft and low on harsh chemicals. You’ll be surprised with how beneficial to your hair can baby shampoos be.


  • Always use a moisturizing conditioner. If your scalp is of the greasy type; apply it only half way down through your hair.


  • Apply a heavily nourishing hair mask at least once per week, and try to keep it for a few hours before washing it.


  • Always start with heat protection serums and sprays before styling your hair.


What to avoid when you are trying to treat your hair to maximum growth and health?

There are always things we all do unintentionally that can hurt our hair. Avoiding these mistakes will help you see your results from your Hairtone treatment much faster!


  • Avoid the heat as much as possible; this includes hair dryers and straighteners (especially straighteners).


  • As counter intuitive as it sounds, water itself can damage your hair and dry it, even though moisturizing your hair with masks and conditioners is a great way to keep it healthy. So avoid washing your hair every single day and keep it down to three times a week.


  • Never interrupt any course of supplements you are using. These formulas are designed to work over a specific period of time; not more and definitely not less.


  • Never start a hair treatment without being well informed about it.


  • Never neglect trimming your hair to get rid of the split ends.


Following these tips over a period of a few months, will without the slightest doubt, make a huge difference in the look and quality of your hair. But before making very big promises; let me emphasize the fact that the quality of the products used throughout each and everyone of the previously mentioned treatments is key to its success.

This is why, I’ve made it a point to recommend Hairtone at every corner. It’s not that I haven’t spoken enough about Hairtone on my blog and social media; but that it’s personal between me and this supplement … My hair is longer after 3 years of damage and I cannot be more thankful.

But that’s just me; let’s hear from the pro!!

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Dr. Joanna Francis introduced Hairtone for me as “Hairtone is a vitamin that works for hair loss and improves the quality of the hair and split ends; this is mainly due to the perfect combination of the keratin, biotin and Vitamin E; all with, of the course, the complex of Vitamin B work together to stop the hair fall, the premature gray hair, and hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations”.

So you can see that this supplement is an answer to several hair problems; and be a perfect part of your plan to get the hair of your dreams in about 6 months. Everyone can take Hairtone! It’s non-invasive and do not cause any reactions or side effects. The thing is: You have to keep in mind that you’re in it for the long haul; as truly strong hair is not the matter of a couple of days. The treatment with Hairtone is intense and targeted, but cannot be repeated at will; as you will have to take a few months of break before re-starting your hair treatment.


Personal Recommendation:

My personal recommendation for optimal results, is to take care of your hair inside out as previously mentioned in this article. If you are planning on taking Hairtone as I am now, I would love to also recommend you avoid heat, and keep your hair trimmed and moisturized at all times! The combination of all of those guidelines is actually what’s helping me see a true difference in my hair since August!

(Please refer to my previous feature for a more elaborate personal review and pictures – Link HERE). 

Hairtone is currently available in pharmacies across Lebanon, packaged in 2 months’ worth of treatment at 53 000 LL. You can also stay in touch with the brand through their Instagram page @hairtoneeva!!

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Glamorously Yours;



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