The Complete Guide of Skin Youth – By Natural Collagen Inventia

When you embark on a mission to reverse age and gain back your youth, you are also embarking on a full process that won’t only get rid of your signs of skin ageing, but also improve your skin and your health overall.


Natural Collagen Inventia is one of the products that work on your skin using a holistic approach tackling several problems at the same time. Socialites and influencers who already tried this revolutionary range, already reported results on many front: even skin tone, extra moisture, and the radical reduction of fine lines and wrinkles within two weeks. (Testimonials’ link HERE).


This time, the Natural Collagen Inventia team and I are bringing you even more: A full guide to reversing skin ageing with some extra tips, tricks, and the best way to make the best out of Natural Collagen Inventia range!!

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Take Care of Your Skin through Your Daily Habits


Taking care of your skin and fighting the process of skin ageing, needs to start from the inside while Natural Collagen Inventia is taking care of your collagen from the outside. Here are our top tips to boost your anti-ageing fight from the inside:


  • The skin thrives on water, so it’s natural that our first tip will be “drink water, and a lot of it”. 2 liters of water per day or more will make sure your skin will never dry up, and stay resilient to flaking and breaking down.


  • The sun is your number 1 ageing enemy; which makes SPF your friend! Avoid exposing your face to the sun, and always make sure you’re using a sunscreen or SPF infused moisturizers before going out of the house.


  • Smoking, next to the sun, is your other enemy; reducing smoking and secondary exposure to smoke will definitely speed up any results you’re hoping for.


  • Reducing toxins from processed foods is king! We promise! Not only for your skin, but also for your cellulite, discoloration problems and anything related to skin and body ageing! So opt for natural ingredients in your food and avoid canned food as much as possible!


  • Collagen creams are taking the skincare industry by storm. Why? Because they help in boosting the collagen production from the inside of your skin. Opt for a collagen cream with these 3 essential features:
    1. Fish Collagen which is identical to the natural Collagen of the skin
    2. High collagen concentration
    3. Small size collagen molecule which is easily absorbed by the skin

In this area, Natural Collagen Inventia the anti wrinkles cream range has its own contribution to innovation.

Natural Collagen Inventia:

  1. Is obtained from sweet water fish skin
  2. Contains over 90% of collagen
  3. Is easily absorbed by the skin due to its small size


Take Care of Your Skin With Natural Collagen Inventia

When it comes to skincare, working on your collagen -which is the #1 factor in skin ageing- should go through top efficient products. But even Natural Collagen Inventia range, always performs best when handled correctly. Here are our top tips on how to make the best out of Natural Collagen Inventia range as of the very first two weeks:


  • Let’s start with the most obvious tip: Never ever sleep with your makeup on. Always remove your makeup using micellar water; then wash your face with Natural Collagen Inventia facial gel! Why? Because it is always best to prep your skin for collagen treats with a collagen wash.


  • Extra tip: Use lukewarm water while washing your face with the Natural Collagen Inventia facial gel, then colder water while rinsing your face.


  • People use their creams in different ways; my personal tip for using your Natural Collagen Inventia day or night cream, is to warm them up on your fingers, and massage them on your face and neck with upwards circular motion. This way, not only you will get the product to sink into your skin, but also activate the blood circulation under the skin, which will contribute to a better reaction between the skin layers and the product.


  • I don’t know how most people tend to use their eye creams, but Elixir from Natural Collagen Inventia is a magical product that’ll erase your under eyes tiredness and fine lines in one week!! But how to use it best? I lightly tap a thin layer all over the eyelids and under eyes, then another one on the under eyes where I tend to focus on the fine lines.


  • If you removed your makeup early in the day, make sure you reapply your products on your clean face. It’ll give you an extra boost and speed up your results.


Extra Tips from me and Natural Collagen Inventia:

There’s always those small tips and tricks in the beauty industry, that’ll save you a ton of trouble! Here are ours:


  • Always keep your collagen products in a cool and dry place. This also applies to your other skincare products.


  • Make sure you leave a few minutes before your day skincare routine and your makeup; and get your night skincare routine an hour before you sleep.


  • Always use the full range of Natural Collagen Inventia. Products of specific ranges are designed to work together, and the best results are usually achieve when prepping the skin is done with the same products that are used to treat it.


  • Commitment to your skincare routine is what truly makes the difference; so try never to skip a day or a night, especially in the first few weeks when you will be seeing the most drastic results!


With this feature, we hope you’re totally covered!

Listen to what Lebanese influencers, socialites and pharmacists are saying about Natural Collagen Inventia: HERE.

And checkout my personal experience with this amazing range: HERE.

Glamorously Yours,



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