Why are Lebanese Influencers LOVING “Natural Collagen Inventia”??

Reviewing a skincare item is not the matter of a short trial. In effect, it is important to test the product for over a month to be able to pinpoint the long term effects and downfalls.

As you already know by now, from my blog and social media, “Natural Collagen Inventia”  is my current go-to product when it comes to fighting signs of skin aging. This innovative collagen product made big promises in the beginning (50% less wrinkles in the first 2 weeks), and as you read in the first elaborate review (click here to read it), lived up to making them happen!

But now, it is time to come back to you to talk about the effects I observed after two months (plus) of using the whole collection!

I’ve pinpointed in my previous article that the only wrinkles I currently have, are the fine lines under my eyes; and those were reduced substantially in the first two weeks. But now, two months down the line, I can safely say that those lines just reached their minimum depth. The only lines I see now under my eyes, are everyone’s expression lines when I smile. In a little more than 2 months, Natural Collagen Inventia was able to completely erase the past few years of first signs of aging under my eyes.

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Patricia Issa

What I noticed even more this time, are the secondary effects of using Natural Collagen Inventia. For starter, areas around my cheeks and lips looked plumper, as if I gained a few kilos (even though I’m losing weight). A look & feel of fullness and deep moisturization were clear on my face, and my dry patches (I spend a lot of time under the sun during summer) totally disappeared. Using Natural Collagen Inventia night cream, saved me the double steps of serum and rich moisturizers for my dry patches, as it doubles as a deeply moisturizing product. The third and fourth things I’ve noticed more pronouncedly this time, is the firmness and the even color of the skin. My skin never felt so firm in the past 3 years, and never looked as even as it is now. Bye bye heavy foundation!

All of the former leaves me with nothing but re-recommending the Natural Collagen Inventia range, for everyone willing to step it up against signs of aging! Remember that this range also functions as a preventive treatment against the signs of aging, which means you can use it as early as 25 years old. (For a more detailed scientific recommendation, please check the previous article HERE).

But, this is just my observation and my opinion… And you probably need to hear it from ladies from different walks of life as well! This is why, Natural Collagen Inventia and I chose a group of 5 amazing ladies from the science, media, and socialite scene to collect their honest opinions about the “Natural Collagen Inventia” range, after different trial periods!


We asked our ladies the same three questions after a period of using Natural Collagen Inventia’s full range, and got the following feedback:

beauty bloggers lebanon
Mrs. Eva Makdessi Stephan

Mrs. Eva Makdessi Stephan | Beauty Consultant and Socialite

1-How long have you been using NCI?

I have been using it for 5 years.

2- What did you like the most about it?

From what I noticed and got hooked on, is the fact that it improves the firmness of skin, which minimizes visible lines and improves elasticity.

3- Would you recommend it to other ladies?

Yes, I recommend Natural Collagen Inventia because after the age of 20 the levels of collagen and elasticity decrease so the skin loses its firmness, flexibility…

beauty bloggers lebanon
Dr. Joanna Francis

Dr. Joanna Francis | Pharmacist and Cover Girl

1-How long have you been using NCI?

I have been using NCI for around 3 weeks now

2- What did you like the most about it?

Well, first I like how compatible it is with my skin, I have a sensitive skin that is prone to allergies and that is oily at the same time which makes it hard for me to find the right cream that can give me fast results and not cause any redness or irritation at the same time.

Second, i love how silky it makes my skin, I call it “the Velvety Skin Maker”.

And finally, I’m almost 30 and I’ve been hating the fact that my frown lines are appearing, it’s amazing how you can really see these fine wrinkles disappearing.

3- Would you recommend it to other ladies?

As a health care Professional, I would totally recommend it because it is safe, effective and naturally made from Live Collagen, it replenishes what your skin looses when you’re stressed, when you’re getting older or when you feel like you’re skin has lost its glow.

beauty bloggers lebanon
Ms. Rita Mhanna

Ms. Rita Mhanna  | Media Figure and Event Manager

Ms. Rita, as a media figure, wanted to give the review using her unique style; so I will quote her below:

“Hello Beauties,

As we age, the loss of collagen in our skin is the main cause of wrinkles…

That’s why i have made Natural Collagen Inventia one of my Top recommended anti-aging treatment because it’s proven itself to be my go-to cream over the past three months.

The results are more than amazing:

  • fewer wrinkles and fine lines
  • brighter complexion
  • hydration and moisture retention
  • less puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
  • my skin is firmer, smoother and glowing
  • No more botox girls!!”
beauty bloggers lebanon
Ms. Rita Al Hajj

Ms. Rita El-Hajj | TV Presenter and Fashion Designer

1-How long have you been using NCI?

I have been using it for a week now.

2- What did you like the most about it?

To be honest, I’ve tested the night cream the most; and totally loved the fact it gave my face a radiant glow!!

3- Would you recommend it to other ladies?

Of course I recommend it, especially to ladies under 30 looking to prevent the early signs of aging.

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Ms. Christelle Stephan

Ms. Christelle Stephan | TV Presenter and Beauty Consultant

1-How long have you been using NCI?

I have been using Natural Collagen Inventia for a month now.

2- What did you like the most about it?

In fact, I do not have signs of aging yet; but I would love to have none to start with! So what I loved the most is the firmness and exceptional glow it gave my skin, and the extra plump effect.

3- Would you recommend it to other ladies?

Yes! First of all, I recommend that all young ladies start preventing skin aging before it becomes a fact. Second, I believe that Natural Collagen Inventia is a perfect range to delay this natural process.



“Natural Collagen Inventia” is a brand based on scientific innovation and natural adaptation; this is why it is highly trusted by ladies from all ages and all walks of life. Moreover, it is trusted the most by the ladies whose faces are gracing our TVs, social media and exclusive social circles; those ladies who can’t go wrong in their skincare routine as their looks tend to be a crucial part of their careers!!

You can find “Natural Collagen Inventia” in pharmacies all over Lebanon, but you can always catch the brand on social media through its “Facebook Page” and “Instagram Page”. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact “Natural Collagen Inventia” online!

Glamorously Yours;



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