Seven More Tips to Survive in a Girls’ World -2-

A while ago, I wrote an article about the seven tips you’ll need to survive girls’ world. I added -1- to the end of that article because I knew seven tips aren’t enough to survive this jungle; and I also knew I was going to come back much later with more ammunition for those planning to make it in an estrogen overdosed environment.

My experience in a female dominated scene taught me that it can be very hostile and competitive; not because of the ladies in it in general, but because of the few who get too competitive for their own good.

Most of the tips I gave you last time were reactionary. This time though, I will tackle strategic behaviors that will help you get ahead. I know these tips work, because I either made the mistake, so saw other ladies making it and paying for it. So here we go:

1- Do not make friends based on sheer interest, these are your future troubles, especially if you allow them too close. Trust me, the moment you two can no longer benefit each other, your stories will become public knowledge at the first bad detour.

2- Do not kiss a**es, but rather focus on becoming the asset itself. If you are sucking up, chances us you will never get ahead of the people you are sucking up to. They might do you favors, but they will never let you beat them.

3- Do not pick up public confrontations with anyone, unless you’re ready to have your dirty laundry displayed on the highway. And whether you are right or wrong, unless it’s a matter of life and death; it’s not worth it. You will be labeled as attention seeker, forever.

4- Avoid on and off friendships; and during the off do not gossip about your ex friend, until there’s a murder in between and you’re sure you two will never be friends again. Not condoning gossip, but if you absolutely must… This kind of hypocrisy will get people to avoid getting close to you.

5- Do not attack other women online, directly or indirectly through obvious metaphors. Because you can remove the post but not the screenshot. And we all have this kind of screenshots.

6- Do not try to be friends with everyone; because no one is more hated and looked down on than the super nice (aka fake) who’s trying to be liked and accepted by the whole order of the bi***y knights.

7- Finally, if you want one lesson to take away with you from both articles, it is this: IGNORE. Yes, ignore whatever and whomever is trying to get you to react. Nothing hurts your haters more than ignoring them, and nothing kills a negative situation more than ignoring it. This say that “bad marketing is also marketing” is now outdated; and engaging negative situations will only show you might be desperate for attention. IGNORE.

Glamorously Yours; 


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