How To Look Good When You’re Extremely Busy

This year, I’ve been super busy; too busy to even give a damn about the glam!!  Yet, being super busy taught me a lot about how to stay somehow glamorous amidst the chaos and the little availability of time for these things I’ve always had hours on end for.

This article is all about you, busy women with too little time to dedicate to styling yourselves and glamming up every single day. It is full of tips to keep you ready on a short notice; and tricks to save time on styling your outfit, putting on your makeup, and getting your hair done; for a polished stylish look midweek when you cannot afford hours to dedicate to looking your best every day.

So without fussy introductions, how to look good when you’re extremely busy? This is how:

First – The Outfit

-Keep the clothes you wear on the dailies and for work clean, ironed and hanged in your closet at an arm’s length so you can access them easily. Extra tip: Try to shop for the kinds of fabric that do not wrinkle, because… who wants to iron!

-Following from the first tip, you also need to know that we mostly shop for our aspired life, not the one we’re living; this is why we have major styling problems on daily basis. If you are a working girl or a business woman, your daily attire is more important than your glamorous nightlife attire; and should constitute more than 50% of your wardrobe. This is why you should create a list of what you need before you go shopping.

-Sort your outfits by color, and by pieces that go together; so when you have to choose a look, you can directly pull out an outfit that’s ready to wear. Do the same for your shoes and your bags; keeping the ones you wear the most easily accessible. Extra tip: The more black and neutral your choices, the easier it is to put together a daily look.

-When you shop for shoes, bags and accessories; stay within the neutral colors so you don’t have to spend time on the details every day. Also make sure you have matching shoes and bags in neutral colors, as well as full sets of matching accessories that you can pull together in a second. Extra tip: Opt for big statement accessories, so you can choose one piece per day that you won’t have to match with anything else. Also clean your shoes and bags once you remove them, so you don’t have to do it when you’re in a hurry.

-Make sure you always have the following pieces in many neutral colors: knee length pencil skirts, classic pairs of pants, flared skirts, jeans, basic tops, blouses, blazers, wrap up dresses.

-Dresses, dresses and dresses. Yes. Dresses are businesswomen’s primary saviors, especially knee length wrap up dresses or simple A-cut dresses in neutral colors. A neutral simple dress is a one piece outfit that you don’t have to think of twice; this is why you absolutely need a few of them for the super busy days. Extra tip: Make sure you have matching belts for the flowy dresses, or the ones that are not figure hugging.

-And here’s an extra tip: Always donate or remove the clothes you’re not wearing so they do not overshadow the ones you really need. If you feel that “you will wear this one day” or “when it’ll fit”; just get rid of it.

Second – The Makeup

-We all have tons of makeup, and we all tend to use a very small portion of it; but who wants to go through all their makeup to apply their daily makeup? This is why, I recommend you choose the basic pieces and put them in a small container that you can access in one touch.

-For your makeup shopping, just like clothes, always focus on the products and colors you use on daily basis instead of shopping on a whim. Also make sure you select products that are easy to use, and do not need a lot of extra accessories to apply.

-Make sure your products are very well suited to your skin type, so you don’t have to deal with extra dryness or blotting your face throughout the day.

-Two products are key to save you time on your makeup during the day: A great base product that helps your makeup hold all day; and a great waterproof mist that fixes and mattifies your makeup so you don’t have to blot or reapply anything.

-The products I recommend you keep in your daily makeup bag are: A mattifying primer, a concealer, a wet and dry powder foundation, a matte bronzer, a highlighter that’s not too shimmery, a neutral colored eyeshadow (taupe for example), a waterproof mascara, a thickening brow gel, a lip balm, a waterproof neutral lip color and a long lasting makeup fixator.

-The makeup accessories I would recommend on daily bases are a beauty blender, and a multi-purpose middle sized brush. And the makeup with the combined products I recommended doesn’t need more than 5-7 minutes.

Third – Skincare, Hair, Nails & Beyond

-When it comes to skincare, you better opt for a routine that only has 2 steps, at least in the morning when your time is limited. I highly recommend an excellent wash and an intense moisturizer (with Vit C) or a multi-vitaminated serum that doesn’t thicken your makeup. You can leave your elaborate skin routine to nighttime when you can afford the luxury of time. For sun protection, SPF moisturizing products under the form of mist are my choice by day, they save a lot of time and can be renewed at will.

-Do not crowd your beauty counter with perfumes, keep them away and leave only 2 in front of you, one for the day and another for the night. I also recommend buying smaller versions for your bag. Dry perfumes (solid versions) are small and do not break; this is why I highly recommend them for busy days; they also save space in your day bag.

-Practical seamless underwear are the best choices for busy days; this is why I recommend you have plenty of sheer colored seamless (border-less) bras and panties for daily use. They fit under any color and are very versatile and easily washed.

-To save time on having your nails done, pick neutral colors that you won’t have to change frequently according to your outfit. I personally recommend shades of red, sheer, taupe, brown, and neutral pinks. The key here is to select the best top coat on the market, because it is the key product that will allow your nail polish to last for a full week. You can also opt for a gellish manicure that’ll last you up to a month without touch ups.

-When it comes to the hair, the easiest choice I would recommend is blow drying the hair straight out of shower, so it lasts for two days. Another option is using taming creams to avoid fly outs and keep waves flowy and arranged. For putting the hair up, I highly recommend putting it up in a pony tail or a ballerina bun. A ballerina bun is actually a great choice when you’re out of time and when your hair is not perfectly clean (usually on a second or a third day when the oiliness starts setting in). Dry shampoos are also a great option when in a hurry.

Implementing these recommendations is not easy if you are used to the chaos. The shopping recommendations in particular, are difficult to follow because we all fall for aspirational shopping. However, you will start truly following these tips once you start seeing how much time they’ll be saving you, especially midweek.


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