7 Signs He Really Loves You

How many times you “thought” you were in love?

And how many times you thought someone loved you but they really didn’t? How many times you thought someone loved you, but they loved the idea of you? How many times you thought someone loved you, but they loved their time with you? How many times you thought someone loved you, but they only loved the attention they’re getting from you? …. The questions can go on and on; but facts can answer them all.

Sad experiences taught me the hard way that when you’re trying to understand the feelings of a man towards you, watch his actions, not his words; and if he does these 7 things below, then these are 7 definite signs he really loves you:


1- The way he looks at you makes you smile:

He looks at you like he’s fascinated with you. Every. Single. Time. This way he looks at you is supposed to make you smile. So if he looks at you in a way that makes you smile, that’s your clue.


2- He keeps on giving you without expecting anything in return:

He keeps on making small gestures, giving you small things, and making you small favors without expecting anything at all in return. It just makes him happy.


3- He treats you like his Plan A priority:

It’s easy to tell if he’s treating you like a priority: He always keeps you updated about his whereabouts without you asking. He treats your communication like urgent communication even if all you sent him was a joke. He cancels plans to be with you. He never cancels your plans together. He drops his phone when he’s around you. And a lot of other things that make you feel like you’re his plan A.


4- He customizes gifts instead of buying generic items:

When a man takes the time to customize a gift instead of buying you something off a shelf, a major clue about how much he cares is revealed. So the next time he gives you a gift, do not check the price tag of the gift, but the level of personalization in it.


5- He really sees your smallest details:

He notices small things about you, like your natural smile v/s your social smile. He can tell your mood from minor changes in the tone of your voice. He can tell what you’re thinking from your micro-expressions. And he takes note of small changes in your daily routines.


6- Your happiness is as important to him as his own happiness:

He does both small and big things to make you happy, and nothing stresses him more than seeing you sad, down or depressed. Once he becomes accustomed to your moods, you notice gradually that he is amending little things in his life to make you a happier person. Take note of these things, they mean a lot in terms of real love.


7- He’s there for you even when it’s inconvenient for him:

It’s not always about his comfort, so he always compromises to make sure you’re comfortable as well. He even sticks with you when it’s totally inconvenient to him, like when you’re sick, you’re a girlfriendzilla, you’re PMSing and lashing at him for no reason, or simply not in the mood to go out.


On top of all of that, you simply don’t worry about how he feels, because you simply know he loves you!


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