5 Travel Packing Tips You Should Always Follow

So I’ve been traveling forever, and always falling for the same packing mistake … mainly over-packing! I always end up coming back home with half of my outfits unworn, and most of my beauty products unused, regretting all the load I had to carry on all the way to another country!

Now I don’t know if I am ever going to learn not to over-pack for any trip, but here are my 5 travel tips (that I won’t follow myself, as usual) to avoid over-packing on your next trips:

1- Only pack versatile pieces you can wear day to night. And to make it more specific, focus on wearing two-pieces outfits where both pieces are very versatile. This way you can get away with 8 light pieces for 8 days of mix and match!

2- I know 8 day outfits are not all you need for a trip, this is why you should focus on 1 piece only outfits for your night outs. Make sure you take with you a dress and a jumpsuit that you can overdress with a set of accessories.

3- For a week-long trip, you never need more than 2 sneakers that can also match dresses and skirts, 2 pairs of sandals (assuming a summer trip), and 1 pair of nude or black heels. Anything beyond that is extra weight for nothing. For the bags, a couple of neutral colored bags that could serve you well by day and by night, are more than enough.

4- Avoid packing heavy accessories with you, and make sure you only take 2-3 statement oversized pieces of jewelry, a couple of scarves and a couple of sunglasses. Mixing and matching these 6 to 7 pieces will make sure you end up with at least 10 diversified looks.

5- In the beauty department (where I fall into over-packing the most) you do not have to pack more than the following: -Your skincare routine in travel size (minis), a makeup remover, a sunscreen, and a basic set of makeup with an extra  highlighter and a lippie or two for the glam nights!

Do not be me with 30 kilos of luggage for 8 days, stay light and enjoy your next trip!!

Patricia Issa

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