How to Stay Motivated When Business is Difficult

The conversation with and between entrepreneurs about motivation is not new. New and seasoned entrepreneurs both know what the motivation struggle looks like; because, in reality, keeping our levels of motivation constantly high is not an easy job, especially in times when business is still in the development phase or simply slow.

In this article, I want to discuss 5 techniques that’ll help new entrepreneurs with keeping their levels of motivation relatively high, while working on their ventures or strategizing through a recession:

  1. Keep your eyes on the goal: Business always goes through cycles, it’s all about ups and downs, this is why you should be observing and judging according to the overall progress rather than the day to day progress. Smaller setbacks shouldn’t be able to affect your mood.
  2. Remember your starting point: Do not keep comparing your current situation to your desired goal. Instead, keep an eye on the progress you made since your business was just an idea. You might not be there yet, but you’re closer than you ever were before!
  3. Surround yourself with the right people: Your close circle of friends should never let you down when you’re already losing motivation. So make sure your circle is of high value and always has your back when you’re not doing all that well yourself. If your circle is not uplifting your motivation when you’re down; you’re in the wrong circle.
  4. Remember that everything is temporary: Just the way good business times are temporary, bad business times are temporary.  This too shall pass. And if you’d really love to challenge the system, it could be your trigger to test new strategies of business development. A slow market will filter out competition leaving the creative and strong to share the cake; make sure you’re one of them.
  5. Read motivational stories: Most success stories out there somehow start with trial and error. Oprah was told she was not fit for TV, Walt Disney was fired from his job as an editor due to his supposed lack of imagination, and Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company!! So whenever you’re down, you can read some realistic success your stories, it’ll give you an instant lift of mood and you’ll be reminded that it’s not that bad on your end after all.


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