10 Small & Daily Acts of Self Love to Boost your Happiness

When we think of happiness, most of us tend to think of major acts or major happenings in our lives such as a major success, graduation, engagement, marriage, birth, family celebrations, travel or other big things that mark important episodes of our lives. But these are moments of happiness that will not last forever; for most, we will be faced with our daily lives with its ups and downs, and we will be responsible of creating of our happiness.

Below are 10 small acts of self love and self care that we can do daily to boost our state of constant happiness or contentment:

1- Love your day ahead: 

Take 3 minutes to recite positive affirmations the moment you wake up. Your daily positive affirmations can follow anything that makes you feel good:

  • I am a happy person.
  • This is going to be a good productive day.
  • There’s only one of me, I am worth it and I have too much to give back to the world.

You can look up positive affirmation online, or create your own; but make sure you focus and recite at least 5 before leaving your bed or in front of your mirror. These affirmations will set you up for a good mood as of the first minutes of your day.

(I will also be sharing a good dose of positive affirmations for every theme soon on this blog).

2- Love your face:

Have a stable skincare routine in the morning and evening. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be elaborate (influencer-like), but it can be your way of remembering you’re beautiful and you deserve these few minutes of self care.

3- Love your food:

Have at least one daily meal that you really love, and take your time to enjoy every bite of it. (Breakfast food and morning coffee are my personal favorites; but it can be anything else).

4- Love your me time:

Set aside at least 30 minutes per day to do, watch or read something that entertains you, because you’ve worked so hard and you deserve the entertainment.

5- Love your mind:

Your mind is your most important asset, take care of it by reading at least one article or chapter of a book per day. This can be your way of investing in yourself every single day.

6- Love your freedom:

Spend at least 15 minutes outdoors; even if you live in the city. Never spend a full day in between walls!

7- Love those who make you feel good:

Talk to your favorite person for at least 5 minutes, if you can’t talk text, if you’re too busy exchange any form of social media contact. Feeling those we love the most are connected to us, always brings subtle happiness to our lives.

(My best friend and I go for days without talking, but we’re always creepy stalking each other’s stories and sending each other funny posts on social media).

8- Love your body:

Dedicate 30 minutes per day to take care of your body. You can divide them between sports, skincare, yoga or outdoors cardio. This is going to be your way of loving your body for everything it does for you; and will release stress and bring you positive energy.

9- Love your spirit:

Meditate for 10 minutes per day to get centered. Focus on all the things to be grateful for and everything you’re looking for in the future.

10- Love your future:

Have a side hustle in which you invest a bit of time every single day. It’ll surprise you big it can turn with time, and how happy working for something of your own can be!!

All these small acts are directly relevant to our own well being and constitute forms of self love and self care. You only have one you, so love yourself…


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