Signs You Are Already Stronger Than You Think You Are

We all experience weak moments, and moments of self doubt where we feel unable to deal with life’s challenges and obstacles. These are very normal moments as no one is capable of being positive and motivated 100% of the time. The most important thing while you are going through such a down, is never to take action or make decisions based on it, because decision making under a negative state of mind tends to lead to very poor choices you might regret later.

But then again… Who told you that you are weak? Or down? Or incapable of living up to the challenge??

Here are 8 signs you are already way stronger than you think you are:

1- You have gone through ups and down before, and they’ve all passed, and here you are surviving and thriving like a true fighter.

2- You have forgave and forgotten a lot already, and things of the past no longer hurt you today.

3- You have big plans for the future, and past failures do not matter to you anymore, because you know we all fail sometimes.

4- You have people around you who love you unconditionally and support you at all times, because they know you’re worth it and you know you’re worth it too.

5- You have gone through and got over many heartbreaks before, yet you still have the courage to open your heart to new love and new friends all the time.

6- You have gradually developed patience and resilience to adversity and with every new downturn, you bounce back faster than before.

7- You are online reading inner growth article like this one, because you know we all need a push sometimes and you’re not ashamed of trying to find help.

8- Your rate of surviving bad days is 100% so far, so there is nothing in your pattern that indicates a total collapse. You’re stronger than you think and good to go!

So answering the first question: No you are not weak, and you are not down; you are experiencing a temporary down making you believe that you’re weak. But you’ve survived these before, and you will now; because you’re way stronger than you think you are.

Keep fighting!


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