20 Ways to Level-Up by 2020

Leveling up is a whole topic that started trending online lately, with many gurus preaching self-love, inner growth, social growth, lifestyle improvement, physical upgrades and empowerment. I’ve been following on the trend closely, because FINALLY, something useful is trending online after years and years of selling an empty image to the audience. I’ve meant for this blog to shift from a fashion blog to a lifestyle and empowerment blog for the modern woman since early 2019, as you can obviously detect from the major shift in the content strategy here and on my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn); and this trend is truly helping me out connect to great people and channels so I can bring you the best advice when it comes to bettering ourselves together.

Below in this article, I’ve collected 20 tips to help you and me level up in all areas of our lives and meet 2020 with a truly empowered version of ourselves:

1- Be confident: Nothing looks better on a lady that confidence. You are already valuable the way you are; we are only fine tuning!

2- Never neglect your health: Be mindful of what you eat and drink, because they will reflect back in your appearance and levels of energy. Make time for 40 minutes of daily exercises at least, as well; as nothing relieves stress and shapes you up like some cardio and weight lifting!

3- Work on your stress: Nothing robs us of our inner peace and good looks like stress does, so start taking serious steps in combating stress. Nothing wrong with seeking professional help when needed. (I did earlier this year).

4- Meditate: Take 10-15 minutes per day to meditate and clear your energy and chakra. It will leave you feeling calmer, happier and more in control.

5- Start reading: Reading takes away your mind from mundane tasks and daily stress, and focuses your energy on more interesting areas, like leveling up!

6- Use social media mindfully: Social media had been around for 10 years, and so far, contributed more negatively than positively to people’s lives and levels of mental well being. This is why you need to try to become a beautiful empowered presence on social media; one that only follows and delivers value.

7- Detoxify your social circle: Sometimes you’re not as weak or depressed as you think you are; you are just in the wrong circle of friends who fail to lift you up when you’re down. So start detoxifying your circle of friends from the Debbie Downers.

8- Start a side hustle: Remember that business you always wanted to own? Well if you haven’t started it; START NOW! Start with anything you can do now and work at it at least an hour a day; you will be proud of how far it will go in a year from now!

9- Drink water: I cannot stress this one enough … For those who haven’t listened to me since 2014; please drink at least 2 L of water per day. You’ll thank me later!

10- Invest in your appearance on the core level: Start by going to a dermatologist and getting the best skincare regimen out there for your skin. You can also start by working medically on all your trouble areas like cellulite, stretch marks… And girl, do get that surgery if you ever wanted to; but no exaggeration!

11- Look good every day: Make it a point to look in style and very well kept every single day because, you never know who you might meet! (And no I don’t mean a man, could be a business opportunity). So no shipped nail polish, no greasy hair, no bad makeup days, and no sloppy casuals!

12- Take the cut: Nothing puts a girl in an empowered mood like new hair, so go get that new cut or new color ASAP!

13- Take pictures of you: Now that you look good every day, don’t forget to take pictures to remind yourself that you’re the gorgeous doll who loves herself enough to take care of it!

14- Restyle your closet: If you want to look good every day, then your closet needs to be in order! Take the time to declutter and donate all the pieces you no longer wear, that no longer fit, and that are not particularly elegant and add up some high quality essentials instead! Shopping time chica!

15- Declutter your house: Your mood will be directly affected by the environment around you, this is why you also need to take the time to declutter and restyle your house to reflect this new you underway. Now this could be a long and expensive mission, this is why you can execute it one step at a time.

16- Start showing up to events: Dress up, show up and never give up! Because you deserve both to look good, be seen and have good times in good company!

17- Network: If your plan encompasses career / entrepreneurship, success and social upgrades; then networking is essential. You will automatically need new friends in high circles which means it’s networking time at high end places! Try dressing up elegantly and show up to exhibitions, business conferences, high end lounges and other places where the crowd you want to join gathers.

18- Educate yourself: The whole journey of leveling up would amount to nothing if you do not feed your mind. The new leveled up version of you needs constant education on politics, business, international happenings and jet set matters; so get reading and get watching relevant material !! You’re a woman of the world now and you need to be aware!

19- Re-arrange and master your finances: Becoming the woman you’re working towards also means having a certain lifestyle that requires finances. This is why, starting this year, you’ll need to seek extra income if you’re not already affluent. Preferred income: That of your own business! In hindsight, that does not mean that you need to be rich to level up, but leveling up needs some expenses that you’ll need to cover in the short and medium runs. In the long run, your new circle will push you towards success and you’ll realize that your new self was the best thing you’ve ever invested it!

20- Prioritize Yourself: Within all this mission of pushing forward and leveling up, don’t forget to make time for you! Even though a lot of these steps already encompass me time. “Me time” of the type you choose is still important and deserves a spot on your daily list! You also need to learn to say NO, and make sure you’re your own priority in most situations.


Love yourself, this is how you teach the world to love you.


So I hope you relate to my top 20 tips for us ladies to welcome 2020 putting our best selves forward! Follow me on Instagram @pattheyissa to see more of my empowerment content.

Let’s so this together!



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