5 Beauty Myths I Got to Bust Myself

There’s a lot of beauty content everywhere online, and it’s becoming harder to discern the scientific from the non-scientific by the day! Trends and fads on social media tend to take over the beauty world overnight, and people follow blindly without a reality check or a scientific background. The truth is, a lot is being shared, a little is actually true. Most online beauty fads are at worst literally harmful, and at best useless and very commercial.

In this article, I am busting 5 beauty myths that got shared a lot online and that people still believe to be true. These beauty trends are ones I personally tried and found to be at best, useless:


1- Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil:

If you’re already DONE with all the buzz about coconut oil online, join my club! If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Coconut oil is not the ultimate moisturizer for everything as advertised online. In effect,  coconut oil is too thick to penetrate the skin and moisturize it; in fact, it sits on top of the skin and works as a protective barrier that also fights bacteria and fungus. I am not saying that coconut oil is totally useless, I am only saying it works better at locking moisture in the skin than actually moisturizing itself. So the best way to take advantage of this oil is to use it on your damp skin after shower to lock the moisture in.


2- Coffee Scrubs for Cellulite:

Coffee scrubs will leave your skin looking better especially if you use a heavy moisturizer after it, but it will only improve the appearance of orange skin temporarily and claims no credit in removing or decreasing the actual layer of cellulite.

The truth is, no external cream can remove cellulite. Removing cellulite is a function of these 3 scientifically proven tracks:

-Eating clean, minimizing the intake of anything with toxins, and drinking enough water.

-Exercising to tone the muscles under the targeted area.

-Causing a surge in growth hormone HGH in the blood, which will renew your cells and is the main factor that can truly cause a dramatic decrease in cellulite. (You can use HGH injections before exercising, or simply adopt intermittent fasting as a way of life).


3- Moisturizing Leave-In Face Sprays:

Leave in sprays are supposed to moisturize your skin throughout the day. These products do not work because while evaporating they also take out extra moisture from your skin causing more damage that any observable benefits. I tend to use these sprays only before makeup, when I know a layer of primer will lock the moisture in the skin.


4- Harsh Peel-Off Masks and Harsh Peelings:

Over-peeling and harsh peel-off masks are beauty trends that are strictly harmful. Having fallen for both trends, I can firmly assert that you need to quit today!

Both trends are gaining popularity because they will give you smooth skin immediately; but in reality you are peeling off your skin’s protective layer and drying it by wiping out all the oils the skin produces to protect itself from the environment. This will leave your skin particularly sensitive, and will cause dryness and premature aging in the longer run.

Ask your doctor to prescribe a soft peeling you can use regularly, and opt for sheet masks instead of peel-off masks.


5- Complex Skincare Routines:

No one in the real world, where people are busy and always short on time, needs a 7 steps daily skincare routine, EVER. Every time I ever tried to stick to such a lengthy process twice a day, I ended up skipping steps with my products being at different stages of usage.

The truth is, as any good non-commercial dermatologist would tell you, that 2 to 3 active ingredients in your skincare products are the pillars of your good skin; this is why it’s better to stick to a 3 products routine that you can maintain daily.

I personally focus on a cleansing toner and rich moisturizer during the day, and deep cleansing with anti-aging products during the night. Elaborate skincare routines including peeling and masking, or spa visits are weekly rituals to me, or rituals that help me relax when I have extra time on hand.


My long experience in trying out almost everything that trends, something I no longer do, taught me not to resort to social media for beauty advice. Always do your research, ask your doctor, and go for trusted brands and products rather than testing with your own skin.

Disclaimer: I am no skincare expert, I only relate my personal experiences along with the knowledge I gather from scientific resources and my private doctor. Please consult your doctor before deciding to start on any new skincare routine.


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