9 Life Lessons I Learned in 2019

We live, we learn! This is how it goes for all of us planning to evolve and never repeat the same mistake twice. This year though, was a seriously grilling life experience for me on the social / personal level, so after having shared “7 Business Lessons I Learned in 2018 – 2019”, here are the ultimate 9 social and life lessons I also got to learn this year:

1- Trust only after experience:

This is the lesson I never seem to learn, I tend to assume everyone is nice and go with it until a major wake up calls happens; usually at my expense! Please make sure you scan everyone’s backgrounds and test them enough before trusting them!

2- Never ignore your parents’ intuition:

Parents have a way to detect your fake friends even before you do! Mine never failed once in warning me against some people. And of course I never failed in ignoring them until shit hits the fan!

3- Keep your private life private:

Yes, please do, because the first thing a fake friend will do is use it against you. That, without mentioning the haters, the jealous bystanders and the simply vicious who want to see you failing.

4- Money truly comes and goes as easily:

Don’t focus too much on the money if you are already self sufficient, it will come easily once you’re focused and will go as easily if you don’t invest it back. Think of it as the reward, not the ultimate prize.

5- Always put yourself and your family first:

Because everything else, can and will betray you. Period.

6- Whatever costs you your inner peace is already too expensive to afford:

No matter how good is what you’re trying to have, if it will cause you anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, and rob you of your inner peace without a substantial achievement in sight; it’s too expensive for nothing.

7- Never neglect your mental health:

I’ve had episodes of caring for and neglecting my mental health (mainly anxiety) and I can tell you this: Don’t neglect it, because it will only deteriorate!!! Your brain is what will carry you through everything in life, so please make it a priority to look after it!

8- Slow and steady wins the race:

I’m pretty sure you know the story of the rabbit and the turtle; well I’ve been both and I can tell you this: the turtle always wins! Going slow and steady with a focused sense of direction never fails at life or business. Going fast while trying to grab everything on the way, goes nowhere.

9- Happiness starts with gratitude:

It truly does, and it took me forever (over a decade)to learn gratitude because I’ve always suffered from chronic dissatisfaction. Once you’re grateful for what you have, happiness will start settling in your life and doors will start opening for more blessings.

I made it a point to share my personal experiences here, because I believe we all go through a certain route that leads us to these beliefs. These are the kind of lessons that you learn only after you do the opposite and after life proves you wrong. So have you been there before? Please share with me!


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