5 Things You Will Change In Your Life When You Learn Self Love

We as people, struggle with all kinds of emotions in life; but the feeling we tend to struggle with the most, is self love. I don’t know what is it exactly that makes it too hard for us to love ourselves, but for most, it is a mix of negative life experiences, insecurities and childhood traumas; all of which are not easy to confront and overcome.

I am not a psychology professional, but what I know for sure is: We’ve all struggled with self love at some point, it’s not our fault, and each one of us is worthy of unconditional love and should open up to receive it starting by the most basic form which is self love.

I am leaving my personal experience with self love to another day; but today, I want to share with you 5 beautiful changes that will automatically happen in your life once you start practicing self love:

1- Your mental health and happiness will become a priority and you will start handling it mindfully. You will no longer allow yourself to stay down for long periods of time, and you won’t allow anything to disturb your inner peace.

2- You will become very selective with who you let in into your life. Your circle might get smaller, but it will rise in value and will only have those who truly love you in it. You will experience more love, loyalty and support in your new environment and you will never go back to shallow relationships.

3- You will start minding the vibes and energies around you, and will constantly work towards preserving your energy and keeping a peaceful / positive vibe through cutting out toxicity in all its forms. Naturally, toxic people and habits will go first. Good riddance.

4- You will realize that being fit and healthy is the next most important thing after your mental health, and you will start increasingly minding your health through gradual changes you will be making in your daily life without even having to think it over. Healthy choices will come naturally to you because deep inside, you will finally love yourself enough to take care of it.

5- You will start doing more for yourself and less for society, more for your own pleasure and less for show off; because you will finally understand that your own approval and happiness is above all.

Self love is a journey, not a destination. You might struggle at it in the beginning; but one day, you will be grateful for never giving up on yourself.

Love yourself, you’re totally worth it.


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