How To Cope With & Make The Best Out Of Down Times

Every one of us experienced at some point, a time where life seemed slow, bad news outnumbered good news, and the outlook appeared grim. And just like everyone, I’ve been in and out of these phases and called them a “down”. Yet, life proved me once and again, that “this too shall pass”, that you and I are in this together, and that we tend to underestimate how strong we are.

In this article, I am sharing with you the best ways you can cope and actually try (even if a little difficult and at the cost of some extra effort) to make the best out of down times:

1- Remember that this too shall pass:

Write a big sign that says “This too shall pass!” somewhere where you can see it often to remind yourself of the fact that everything is temporary, that you’ve survived it before, and you will do so again.

2- Talk to your mirror:

Stand in front of your mirror, and keep reciting the below affirmations until you actually start believing them:

-I am strong. I’m even stronger than I credit myself to be.

-I always come out of dark tunnels in flying colors.

-I’ve been through similar situations and I’ve survived.

-My inner strength will see me through.

-I am invincible because I believe in myself.

-One day I will remember this situation and feel proud of how I came out of it with my inner peace intact.

-I am proud of myself for handling so much more than I thought I can.

3- Open up to someone you trust:

We all have this person we can trust with anything, so do not shy away from sharing your inner turmoil. Talk to a parent, a sibling or a best friend; and allow your emotions to come out. This step is very important, because an issue shared with the right person is immediately half-solved.

You will be surprised at how empathetic your confidant will be, because these feelings are more common than you believe them to be.

4- Disconnect from social media for a while:

Remember that social media is a highlight reel where no one is sharing their real lives, especially not their worst moments. Being on social media while you’re down will only bring you further down as you watch what you believe to be people living better lives.

PS: It’s all fake, no one is sharing their lows, their struggle and their depression online.

5- Get physical:

Physical effort has an amazing way of taking out stress / anxiety and relieving depression. Try to take a walk, join a group sport, jump on the closest treadmill or break some serious sweat in a gym. I know it’s hard to get yourself to move when you’re down, but once you do it, the mood shift you will experience will get you addicted.

6- Work on yourself:

I realize that everything that starts with work, sounds hard for someone who’s experiencing an emotional down; but doing little things to improve small things about you and your life will always leave you feeling a bit better. De-clutter your closet, get some home-spa treats, upgrade and refine your online presence, decorate a new corner, do some crafts, release some creativity, read or even write … It will always leave you feeling a little happier.

7- Get a dog:

I know this option is not open for everyone, but if you can, by all means get a pup! They’re known to have amazing anti-depressive vibes with all the unconditional love they give to their humans.

8- Listen to meditation music and breathe:

I am not asking you to get into some acrobatic pose and do yoga; just go to Youtube and play a mediation music for 10 minutes while breathing deeply. If nothing else, it will bring down your heart rate and allow you to relax and think clearly.

One of the reasons why I write these articles, is that I know how much a person experiencing a down needs to hear a comforting word; because at some point I needed it too. I actually write my best, when I am the one who needs to hear my own words.

So stay strong, we’re in this together!!


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