Best Makeup Tips of 2019

We ladies, are spending a long time every single day online; which means we are also bombarded with makeup pictures, tutorial videos and random tips. Every beauty guru with an online channel seems to be sharing loads of information, and telling right from wrong is becoming a matter of hands on experience.

2019 was a year I actually followed the beauty industry closely during my free time, and actually got to try out a million makeup tips I found online. This is why, I will share with you the top 10 makeup lessons that actually worked amidst a ton of fads and useless trends:

1- No matter how beautiful your eyes’ makeup is, it will lose a lot of its charm if your eyes tend to get reddish during application. Always start any makeup by using clearing eye drops.

2- Lightly colored makeup primers with a hint of peach or orange are great to give a subtle boost to your skin, especially if you’re pale like me. You can focus more on the areas that tend to become grayish during powder application.

3- You can actually mix powder and creamy products in one makeup under two conditions: Your powder application is very light, or the creamy product is actually very fluid. Heavy powder application and thick creams never work together. I still avoid mixing in general, but when I do, I actually mind the consistency of the product now.

4- The best concealers you can use under your eyes are actually the ones with high coverage and very fluid consistency. Every single thick product I used ended up creasing and settling in my fine lines.

5- Wax based products are great for video making purposes, but I highly recommend you replace them with powder and gel based products on your eyebrows whether during the summer heat or warm winter nights indoors. Wax products only work in cold to moderately cold weather. I officially ditched all of mine.

6- Cold color based highlighters only look good in online videos. In real life they will actually leave a gray patch on your face if looked at from an indirect angle. I am only keeping neutral to warm tons highlighters now.

7- Thick foundation is another online trend that only looks good in photoshoped pictures. In reality, the thicker your foundation, the more pronounced you will be seeing your skin texture and imperfections; so just like concealers, it is better to opt for a fluid lightweight texture that’s medium to high coverage. In my case though, I’ve already invested in my skin enough this year to be using light to medium coverage.

8- HD foundations and concealers are my favorites, HD powders … not so much. HD products are high online because of the flawless pictures they give you; but in reality HD powders in specific tend to leave white patches on the face if not used sparingly or if looked at from the wrong angle. My way around that, is finish the makeup completely then dust it very very lightly with some HD powder. But most often than not, I am completely ditching HD powders.

9- Powders are your friend, but not your best friend. The older you are, or more imperfections you have, the less you need to use powders, and the more you’re better off with creamy products and a lot of setting sprays. Experience already taught me that lightweight creamy textures with a lot of setting are perfect for full makeups; while powders are great for quick daily strokes.

10- Use cream contour, cream blush and creamy highlighters below your foundation instead of over it. This practice will give you a very natural contour and a “glow from within” type of look. Your foundation will need to be medium to light coverage for this to work though! My experience is very positive with this practice, except that I always dust some more powder highlighter over it.

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