Super Cheap Beauty Hacks I Swear By

This year, I’ve learned a lot about beauty and makeup! And some of the things I always enjoy learning are cheap beauty hacks that save you money, and save your beauty! So in this article, I am sharing with you 3 super cheap beauty hacks that I learned and used a lot for the past few months:

1- Conditioner as intensive hair mask:

Do you know your typical moisturizing and de-tangling  hair conditioner can double as a hair mask? I’ve tried this by using my hair conditioner as an overnight hair mask upon a hairdresser’s tip, and guess what? It was just as good! Just lather your conditioner on your hair while avoiding the roots, tie your hair in a loose bun and sleep it off. Your hair will come off gorgeous after washing it, the next morning.

2- Lime as nail whitener:

I read somewhere that lime can serve as a nails’ whitener and decided to try it out. I tend to have nail polish on all the time, which turn the white part in my nails to an ugly light yellow; and I am sure most women suffer from the same problem. Here’s how this tip works: 1- Lightly buff your nails, 2- rub your nails with lime juice on a cotton, 3- wash your fingers and moisturize them with any hands and nails cream. It worked for me, and should work for you too!

3- Bepanthen as intensive moisturizer:

This one is a true gem! In fact, I was going over some beauty Youtube videos then someone mentioned the 4$ Bepanthen as a great moisturizer for lips, dry patches, and feet! Forever curious, I grabbed the Bepanthen Plus tube I still had left over from my mesotherapy sessions, and lathered all over my lips, hands, feet, knees and elbows!! The next day, all of these skin areas were totally moisturized! Now I’ve got several tubes of Bepanthen and Bepanthen Plus on my beauty counter for daily use! Totally worth it, and dirt cheap! (I’ve also watched a video that said it works as a great under eye cream, but I was reluctant to use it near the eyes, so if you have information regarding this issue, please let me know!)

If you know of any cheap beauty hacks that can work for everyone, please share it with me by messaging me on Instagram @pattheyissa !!



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