Fashion Pieces You Need To Own In Black

Black is king! This we already know when it comes to fashion! But do we know why is that?

First, black compliments most skin tones and is a universal color that looks good on virtually everyone. Second, black tends to give a more luxurious feel for any fabric or material you can think of. Third, black works well with most other colors and tends to be the easiest color to style. And last, black is color that’s easily taken from day to night on most outfits!!

In this article, I will share with you 10 key fashion pieces that “you need” to own in black:

1- Classic cut pants that you can style for both business meetings and smart casual gatherings or events.

2- A velvet turtle neck that can be styled with any other colored bottom by day or a metallic bottom by night.

3- A curve hugging pencil skirt in thick material, that can be styled for both business (with white) and evenings (with glittery tops).

4- A thick black blazer that can compliment all of the above.

5- A black midi fur coat (or fake fur if you’re against animal cruelty)  that can be worn over any dress by day and by night.

6- A real leather biker jacket that can compliment any day outfit.

7- A high quality real leather matte leather bag in a medium size to serve day outfits. And a shiny smaller version for evenings.

8- The famous little black dress, in more than one design according to the season; to dress up or down according to use.

9- A simple mid-heels pump in matte leather (or velvet finish).

10- And thigh high black boots in suede which might work with most of your winter outfits.

Having all of these pieces in black will make your daily styling mission much easier, as you can mix and match them into any outfit you can think of!


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