4 Lifestyle Habits I Am Happy I Left In 2019

We all have some bad lifestyle habits, and we all have an addiction or two that we just can’t seem to get rid of easily. I, as a very proud Scorpio, tend to cling to my most destructive habits and also tend to be prone to several more or less serious addictions. Behind all the social media and glossed-over facade, the struggle is real.

In this article, I’m getting personal and sharing with you the 5 lifestyle habits I finally managed to leave in 2019 (mainly in the first half of 2019), and the way I did it:

1- My addiction to carbs: This one is the worst, by far. In effect, it took me a 10 years struggle to be able to balance my diet through intermittent fasting, and get rid of my addiction to heavy carbs and processed sugar.

How I did it? I simply hit rock bottom when it comes to my inability to manage my weight, and had to pull my revenge body! Not wanting to live with this low self esteem due to being overweight made me do it. (We will have this detailed talk in another article, very soon).

2- Smoking: This one is an ongoing struggle because I still like to pull a cigar occasionally, or even a few skinnies when out with my friends. But it’s a long way since 2018 to mid 2019, where I actually reached the level of being a smoker.

How I did it? My boyfriend … um … fiance, made me do it. It’s always good to have a partner who’s quitting with you so you encourage each other.

3- Peeling my lips: Here’s another ugly habit that I was struggling with since 2008 when it replaced biting my nails (which is even uglier, but that was in my teens). My nails were always busy peeling my lips, reason for which I always had a thick layer of moisturizing lipstick and matte products never looked good on me.

How I did it? I received some serious scolding from my doctor, who told me that I wouldn’t need fillers if I stopped peeling my lips and just moisturized them enough. (I was in a visit considering to get new fillers, didn’t get any since 2017). So I just tried for a week, and BAM the difference in volume between healthy moisturized lips and dry peeled lips is a fair double! Needless to say, I just stopped.

4- Abusing caffeine: I was always this girl with extra coffee in a paper cup,  a can of diet Pepsi, and induced anxiety. I had such an addiction to caffeine that I wouldn’t have less than 5 to 6 servings a day, despite its effects on my anxiety. This year, this had to stop, because I had real things to be anxious about.

How I did it? Severe palpitations bordering anxiety attacks made me do it. Fear won this game.

So ladies (and gents), if you have some bad lifestyle habits or minor addictions, I highly recommend you address them head on and start working on them; because it only takes 3 weeks to beat a bad habit, and 3 months to phase it out completely. Don’t shy away from asking for help, we all lost battles in that department, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

You can always share your experience with my on Instagram DMs @pattheyissa.



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