5 Things I Used To Hate But Now LOVE

We all go through phases in life, and you really didn’t want to meet me 2 phases ago! The truth is, I changed so much in the past 5 to 10 years, that I can safely say that people who knew me then will need to get to know me all over again.

I am sharing with you today, 5 things I used to hate then and LOVE now:

1- Dogs: Yup, I confess that I used to stand somewhere between no pets to cats. Now, I adore dogs and pets in general. On my way to become more of an empath, developing a love for animals came slowly and naturally to me. And dogs, as such sensitive and loving pets, stand on top for me now.

2- Winter: I used to be such a summer girl that a single cloud could ruin my day. Not anymore! Well, in fact, I still prefer sunny days and summer in general, but I came to appreciate the option of having 4 seasons and the style / lifestyle options that follow.

3- Tea: I used to be a coffee person. I probably still have a coffee girl hiding somewhere inside, but I now enjoy tea especially herbal tea and fruity mixes as a variation. I totally credit my best friend Jad for this. Actually I can fairly say I am transforming into him in many ways (tea, pets, food…) after 12 years of friendship.

4- Pubs & Lounges: I used to be a party girl and always preferred the clubs, until … whatever happened and I started preferring lighter alcohols, good cocktails and softer music; hence the pubs. Now, I prefer to spend my night in a cozy pub, high end lounge, romantic restaurant, wine cellar or cigar lounge a million times over the clubs.

5- Road Trips: I used to hate road trips a lot, only God knows why (probably laziness)! Now, I jump at the opportunity of doing a road trip or spending serene times in nature.

Is there anything you used to hate but now love?? Share with me via Instagram DM @pattheyissa!!



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