Makeup Products You Don’t Need

Welcome to 2020 where every single industry is based on heavy consumerism and fast turnover, regardless of delivered value. The beauty industry is no different, as new products are launching every single day to the point we don’t even get the time to derive any value from the already purchased products. Collaborations between international influencers and big brands are no different as they’re mostly attaching a new image to already existing products to get people to purchase even more things they don’t even need.

In this article, I will highlight several makeup products that seem to be only fads, and that you really don’t need to spend your hard earned money on:

1- Mascara Primers: Mascara primers can be good for your eyelashes but with today’s mascara formulas that do it all, you do not need to carry around 2 mascaras.

2- Lipstick Primers: Like seriously? Every product now has a primer so we buy everything twice? You can simply use a good lip balm then use any lipstick you want over it.

3- Matte Eye Shadow Primer: Unless you have particularly greasy eyelids, all you need to do is pass with your beauty blender over your eyelids while applying your foundation and here you have a good base for your eye makeup. My own eyelids are a bit darker than the rest of my skin (genetics) so I actually use it to my advantage sometimes when I am going for earthy makeup colors.

4- Multiple Highlighters: A lot of people use multiple highlighters in multiple intensities for the different parts of their faces. All you need to do is purchase a build-able finely milled highlighter that gives a natural glow and use your fingers where you want it lightly applied.

5- Cream AND Powder Contouring Products: First of all, using cream contour is tricky business that might smudge your whole makeup and blotch it if you’re not a blending pro. Second, using double layers of contouring can become very hard to homogenize with the rest of the face. This is why I highly recommend against spending on both types of products. Stick with one layer of contouring using build-able products. It will save you time, trouble and money!

6- Skin Primers: If your daily skincare is based on hydrating products, and you don’t have scars or particularly enlarged pores; you absolutely do not need that extra layer of makeup primer.



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