7 Ideas for Your 15 Minutes of Self Love Amidst a Busy Day

So you have a very busy day: You woke up very early, you didn’t get the time to recite your positive affirmations, you didn’t also enjoy your morning routine, and you didn’t even get five minutes to sip your first coffee peacefully!! But sisters do not let sisters forget that we always deserve some self-care and self love within a busy day. So here are 7 ways you can use 15 minutes during the day to recuperate (because sisters are not allowed to skip self-love):

1- Have a second breakfast, on your own. But have a full 15 minutes to enjoy every bite. We’re restarting the day at 11:20 am. So what?

2- Get a hair wash, scalp massage and a quick brushing at the nearest salon. It works magic on your levels of energy.

3- Too guilty for a second breakfast? No problem, you can always treat yourself to your favorite lunch, solo, so you get to enjoy the food and not focus on any conversation.

4- Have a 15-20 minutes face mask, the type you’re not allowed to move your face during. Lay down, put on your mask, and add some soft music until the time is up.

5- Buy one makeup item you’ve been coveting from social media and test it. You can also visit a makeup/perfumes store and do some window shopping and makeup testing for fun. Limit your purchases at one item or two so you don’t develop the habit of splurging to compensate.

6- Take a few minutes to try a new cocktail at a bar, just alone, with some experimental spirit and your own 15 minutes of alcohol discovery.

7- Buy a fancy bar of chocolate and enjoy it alone with a glass of sparkling wine, at home, quasi dark and some meditation music. We’re only focusing on the taste and relaxation for 15 minutes.



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