5 Fashion Pet Peeves I Can’t Believe Still Exist

I am pretty much the non-judgmental person who believes that to each his own; but when it comes to style and fashion, I just can’t be this person, at least between me and me!

This is why, I am sharing with you 5 fashion pet peeves I just can’t believe still exist nor like seeing on my girlfriends:

1- Wearing thin leggings as pants:

Girls, wearing thin leggings as pants is not elegant, it makes you look nonchalant and gives the impression you can’t afford proper pants. This is why I highly recommend to leave the leggings to your gym or cozy times at home. We ain’t trying to look poor here!

2- Over-matching an outfit:

If an outfit is way too matchy-matchy, it will look either too dull or too candy-like, depending on the unfortunate color chosen, and will give the impression you can’t style. Leave it at 2 matching pieces, unless you’re wearing black. (Only black can break this rule without becoming redundant or trashy).

3- Wearing more than 2 trends per outfit:

Regular everyday life is not a styling contest, this is why it’s not stylish nor fashion forward to wear several trends in one outfit. Keeping it at 2 trends tops will come off more elegant, and less trying-too-hard-to-be-noticed.

4- Styling anything PVC besides bags:

Red light district anyone?? The only item that can be made with some (not all) PVC and still look fine to style is your bag. No discussion. Period.

5- Wearing more than one complex print per outfit:

I might have been guilty of trying out this trend once or twice, but in general, wearing more than one complex print per outfit is a big no-no! This applies even more to some specific prints such as: animal prints, houndstooth, checkered prints, florals and any complex small geometric patterns.

I am not even done with my list, I will be coming back with part 2 soon! Until then, feel free to share with me your own fashion pet peeves via Instagram DM –> @pattheyissa


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