10 Self-Care Things I Wish My Younger Self Did

We all have some compounded regrets due to past decisions, things we wish we started earlier and choices we wish we had the courage to make years ago. Yet, life is all about living and learning, and it’s never too late to implement positive change.

This post is a little personal, here are 10 self-care things I wish my younger self did, let’s see who can relate:

1- Controlling my caffeine addiction before it becomes a real addiction I am still struggling with.

2- Avoiding too much sun and tanning beds.

3- Managing my weight, before it became an issue I had to deal with in one year (2019) finally.

4- Letting my hair grow and not running to cut it whenever it crossed my shoulders. Now I am missing long hair, and mine really grows so slowly.

5- Cutting off toxic people instead of letting those relationships and their costs on me grow.

6- Staying out of gossip circles, weather I was doing the gossiping or receiving it. No good ever came from that.

7- Knowing my worth instead of selling it short way too many times due to low self-esteem.

8- Taking better care of my small circle, and never taking anyone for granted.

9- Eating more fruits and veggies, because I kind of lived constipated until I was like 25!!

10- Saying sorry instead of holding on to the massive ego I had. (And at that, let me tell you, it is healthy to have some ego under the form of self-love and dignity; but a big ego is always the enemy of healthy relationships and success, but that’s a topic for a different day).

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