5 Types Of Female Friends You Don’t Want Around You

It’s time for a little talk between sisters, and it’s about toxicity and the kind of friends you don’t want to have around you. So my best friend and I were discussing the change that happened in our inner circles lately, which made us phase out a lot of people. On a growth journey, women truly need a small circle that is supportive and loyal, a circle of girlfriends who won’t be causing drama or any kind of damage to each other, the type you can call a best friend.

Here are the types of toxic friends you probably don’t want in your inner girls’ circle, and shouldn’t call your bestie:

1- The frenemy:

This one is low key jealous, doesn’t really wish you well, and will probably gossip about you the  moment you turn your back.

2- The one who’s only there for the good times:

It’s easy to spot this one but her disappearing act when you’re down, in trouble, or in need of support.

3- The possessive:

That’s the best friend who can’t stand the idea of you having another best / close friend. This traits is fairly common between women because they already know what other women are capable of.

4- The Debbie Downer:

That’s the one who’s never happy, always complaining and will always find you a problem for every solution. She’s also prone to be a pessimist about the future, and a bit of a coward in front of risk.

5- The super nice girl:

This one is way too nice to be real, friends with everyone under the sun, very proper, never uses bad words, and tends to compliment and agree a lot. Watch out though, she’s also often passive aggressive and will make you walk on eggshells a lot.

(PS: Not writing this article to label or downgrade female friendships. It’s just an attempt to share my experience and help you filter your circle for toxicity).


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