5 Makeup Practices I Totally Ditched in 2020

Our makeup routines, practices and looks are always evolving with time, trends and industry related technology. They also change and evolve with age, and with our growing awareness of products and best practices.

Here are 5 makeup practices I personally ditched in 2020 to adopt others that are better suited to my age, skin health and that contribute to enhancing my features more:

1- Thick Layers of Makeup:

Thick layers of concealer, foundation and powder serve no one. They actually highlight your every pore or imperfection, and make you look cakey, old and overdone. Even if you have troubled skin, using light formulas with good coverage in 2 layers (one cream and one powder spread very lightly) will be more than enough to make you look better.  My personal bet was on my good skin and light to medium coverage skin products.

2- Dark Colors in the Water Line:

Nothing will make your eyes look smaller and less sparkly than dark colors in your waterline. I have ditched this practice lately in favor of a pearly white or natural nude even when I am going for a smoky eye. It will give your eyes width and a nice sparkle, as well as a more youthful look.

3- Dark Bronzers/Blushers:

Bronzers are supposed to warm up your skin and give you a subtle glow, so are blushers. They are not supposed to change your race of origin and make you look painted. This is why I am now only using bronzers and blushers that are meant for fair skin, because I am trying to look sun kissed not oven roasted. You should do the same by selecting shades that are a deeper variation of your natural tan, and natural blushed cheeks.

4- Excessive Contour:

Oh the days of Instagram contouring techniques… NO! Face contouring is a great way to conceal and highlight some of your features, but bear in mind that we, others, in three dimensional existence, can still see your actual features. This is why you should be using contouring techniques wisely. No amount of dark contouring or fair concealing can fully cover or bring out something you don’t already have; it will only make you look faker. Opt instead for a light contouring layer that will slightly add some shade and light in the right points. This is what I am doing now after many many sharp contouring fiascos!

5- Blinding Highlighters:

Highlighters are the best makeup products ever in my opinion, because when used in moderation, they can make you look fresh and give your overall look a nice glow. Yet, no one is supposed to be going around looking like a disco ball; not even by night. Sporting blinding highlights will only make your skin look greasy and overdone. Opt for a natural nude lightly crystallized and apply your highlighter using a small amount of the product and soft strokes. I learned this one the had way from the many pictures where I had to blur my highlights!!



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