5 Ways to Stop Bringing Yourself Down Through Self-Talk

Self-talk is the most important conversation we have. Talking to ourselves has direct implications on our self-esteem, level of confidence, mood and overall well being. This why negative self-talk is so dangerous, it can cause low self-esteem, low confidence, mood swings, de-motivation, all the way to depression.

In this article, I will teach you 5 ways to stop bringing yourself down through self-talk, that I learned from my person experience:

1- When you catch yourself talking negatively in your mind, stop immediately and breathe deeply (down to your stomach) at least 10 times, all while focusing on your breathing so you can shut down your thoughts. Then proceed to drinking water, and busy yourself with something else.

2- Choose 5 positive mantras and start reciting them to yourself again and again until you stop the negative thoughts.

3- Pick up the phone and call someone from your inner circle. Your best friend is always the best choice, because you can discuss your negative thoughts with them and they’ll help walking you through them rationally.

4- Pick up a piece of paper and start doing the following:

-Write down the positive thought counterbalancing the negative one.

-Write down the true probabilities of a worst case scenario, you will often discover they’re too low and not worth bringing anyone down.

-Write down every positive factor that can help supporting you against your negative thought.

5- Make yourself a yummy drink (doesn’t have to be alcoholic), put on some relaxing (or meditation) music and read empowering messages from people who experienced the same feelings you are experiencing.

Finally, I just want you to know you’re relevant, not alone and not defined by a few moments of negativity we all experience. This too shall pass. I promise.


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