Coronavirus Quarantine: 15 Things To Do With Your Time

It’s not an easy time to be alive, and during these globally stressful times under the coronavirus outbreak coupled with a worldwide recession; any positive contribution counts. This is why I am going to publish some content to help you and me cope with the situation, starting with this article.

Now since most of us are under self-imposed quarantine in our homes; boredom becomes the enemy; so here are 15 things you can do with your time at home:

1- Prepare a neat work station with your PC, and everything you need along with your favorite mug so you can work from home. If you have a view, try to place this work station overlooking it so you can work without feeling boxed.

2- It’s March, and if you’re in a part of the world where winter is turning to spring or summer to fall, start doing your wardrobe cleaning one shore a day.

3- Dedicate some time every day to decontaminate your home.

4- Get in the kitchen, and try preparing your own meals and trying new recipes.

5- Prepare awesome music playlists to play during the day.

6- Prepare lists of shows or documentaries to watch during the long nights in.

7- Invest some of your time in some seriously good books of self-help, business and other areas that can truly grow you.

8- Get your head off of your phone and spend some quality time with your family; you might find out they’re cool people!

9- Download an exercise program and stick with it daily, since the gyms are closed down until further notice. If you have a treadmill, then it’s time to dust it off!

10- If you have online profiles, then spend some time spreading awareness coupled with positivity; the world never needed it more.

11- Self-care is always important, especially now as you have time for it. It can also be a good way to lift up your spirit. You can do some extra skincare, a full body peeling, give yourself a home manicure or pedicure, or a special hair treatment.

12- Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and spend some high quality time with yourself. You can access thousands of meditation music uploads on Youtube, and go at it for half an hour a day.

13- Take the time to sort out, clean and iron all of your wardrobe, and tidy all of your stuff. If you’re a woman, you can also take the time to clean your makeup products, brushes, and accessories.

14- If you’re a writer, journalist, marketer, social media manager, graphic designer or content creator in general; you can spend a good deal of time creating a wealth of content to use later on.

15- And finally, set some time every day to self reflect on yourself, on the situation, on what we’re learning under these difficult times, and on the kind of humans that need to emerge from this.

What are you doing during home quarantine? Please share your thoughts with me through Instagram @pattheyissa !!


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