12 Life Changing Questions To Reflect On During Quarantine

We’re quarantined as COVID-19 is bringing people and governments to their knees. It’s tragic, sad and heartbreaking to see the world living such a state of panic that’s potentially more dangerous than the disease itself. It is like every generation has its own trial: world wars, cold wars, genocides, recessions, famines and now this pandemic. And if we choose to make it our transformative trial, it could potentially be life changing in a way that could trespass fear.

I’ve always liked watching biographies of people who survived the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, the Holodomor and lived to restart and enjoy their lives. I’ve also always loved watching the business models that took off during the 20s and 30s of last century, amidst the global recession; and lived to become today’s biggest industries.¬† These people and enterprises had something amazing in common: the desire to thrive, not only survive.

I am sharing with you 7 questions to start reflecting on today, that could potentially define the kind of humans we want to be, after all this is over:

1- What am I learning about what’s important and what’s not?

2- Do I have my priorities in the right places now?

3- Do I understand the difference between self-love and selfishness?

4- Is collective consciousness and the public good important parts of my life now?

5- Can I see how connected humans are now? And how important it is to be personally accountable for everything we do towards the world?

6- Do I have any regrets? Am I going to do something about not having more regrets?

7- Do I understand how important both nature and science are? And am I willing to make conscious choices about this from now on?

8- Do I feel helpless facing such a situation? Should I reconsider my contribution to the world? Can I be more? Do more?

9- Am I only dreaming or actually doing something to make my dreams a reality, before they actually disintegrate into regrets?

10- Do I understand how fragile is human life? And why is it important to actually “live”?

11- Do I realize now that I’ve been taking every little thing in my life for granted and that I should never do this again?

12- And most importantly, do I realize that my time is limited, and that any moment could be my last? So maybe it’s time to let go of the fear, and pursue greatness??!

There is no right or wrong answers to these questions. But having an answer to each is important to define a life purpose. I wouldn’t want you to think like me (you’ll probably get achievement anxiety if you do). But I definitely want you to “think”.

I’m sorry if this is a bit too deep and dramatic, but at some point the conversation needs to go there. This period is definitely one of those points.

Stay safe and think. Thinking doesn’t transfer COVID-19!!



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