10 More Reasons Why You Never Get What You Want In Life

Do you think I am done with you? Hell no! Not yet! Not before you open your eyes and own up to your responsibilities! If you already had the guts to read the first 10 reasons why you never get what you want in life in the first article (click here for the link), then it’s time to read even HARSHER REALITIES in this one:

– You’re entertaining a big ego : A big ego is at the roots of all evil. Most of the reasons why you never get what you want in life here, are actually related to ego one way or another. A big ego will act like a magnifying lens that makes you believe you know more than you do, you are more than you are, and you stand higher than you actually stand. That’s not even half of the story, because a big ego will also make you underestimate adversity or avoid it altogether in deep fear of a real challenge. In a way, a big ego always works on protecting itself from challenges in an attempt to avoid being scratched. Briefly, it will keep you right where you are now, and make you believe your place is better than it actually is.

– You blame everything but yourself : If it’s never your fault in whatever happens on your path to your goals, then you’re never reaching there. For instance: You will never lose weight if you blame every diet you start, instead of the total absence of your willpower to stick to anything. Science doesn’t lie, you do. Also: You will never start that business, if you’re always waiting the economy to get better instead of altering your model to fit any economy. The list goes on, but you understand where I’m going.

– You never admit you’re wrong : If your own opinion is always the most valued to you, you’re on the path of creating a world of your own, in your head. This world will collide with the real world often and make you bitter. So instead of sticking to your opinions, admit you’re wrong once a while and seek professional help or ask someone with experience.

– You compare yourself to people who put ten folds your effort : This is something that’s happening a lot nowadays because … social media! But most often than not, you are comparing your level 2 efforts to someone’s results from their level 100 efforts. If you’re not putting the same efforts, and delivering the same quality; please do not compare your stand to someone else’s.

– You’re too overprotective of what you already have: Do you know the student who used to hide her papers in class? She is already limiting her potential, according to Paul Arden. If you overprotect your ideas and your plans, chances are you are severely limiting opportunity, and drastically reducing any chances of help, investment, collaboration and success. This on one hand, but on the other, you are also over valuing what you have so you keep “saving it for later” whereas “later” should be having bigger things.

– You don’t take risks : Taking risks puts you and your potential to the ultimate test. Some people simply do not want to be tested like that, or faced with the real results of their effort (or lack of it). They want to keep the idea of “what they can do” in their heads so they continue feeding their illusion of greatness. They just want to sit there, not trying to move a rock, which believing they can “someday” move a mountain.

– You’re arrogant and entitled : There’s no nice way to tell you this one too! Being arrogant will delude you into thinking you know more than you do, or you know better than you do. It will also make you give yourself an inflated rank, that only exists in your mind. And being entitled will delude you  into believing you deserve the world for the slightest mediocre thing you deliver. Is this even real? NO. Because …ego!

– You change your goals frequently : If you find yourself changing your goals frequently as it your life path is always on moving sands; then it’s not your goals, it’s not life, it’s not circumstances, it’s YOU! People who fail to reach certain goals or give up midway, tend to change the goal, instead of changing their approach or simply use their willpower to keep going.

– You’re not a fighter : Fighting takes patience, strength, strategy, accepting losses, perseverance, hope, overcoming failures, being real, and staying on course. If you do everything that’s previously mentioned, you’re not a fighter and there’s no other way to

– You’re a quitter : Oh well … Do I even have to explain this one??

At the end of the second and last article for this topic, I just want to tell you that human behavior can be altered and trained. This is why, you can still escape these deadly pattern and make it if you put your mind to it. Good luck!!


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