6 Truths About Skincare The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

The beauty industry wants you to spend money. This much I know for sure. I am also not against spending money on beauty treatments and products; which is something I sure do, and a lot! But what I am against, is spending money on things you don’t need when you can spend them on things that you actually need and things that will benefit you in real terms.

In this short article, I will teach you 5 professional skincare tips that will help you save your skin and your money:

1- If you smoke, get yourself exposed to the sun without SPF or don’t drink enough water; you don’t need to do any skincare or spend money on any treatments, because you’re basically undoing it. So make sure you stick to these 3 rules before splurging on skincare products.

Skincare is a complete waste if you smoke, don’t drink 2L+ of water per day, or expose yourself to sun rays unprotected.

2- Sheet masks are completely useless in terms of cumulative benefits. They’re great for an instant glow, or a few hours plump effect; but they really add nothing in terms of long term benefits. If you’re spending your money on regular masking; you need to know that the only masks with a cumulative benefit are the overnight masks.

Sheet masks are a waste of your money if you’re expecting long term benefits.

3- Day creams and night creams from the same skincare range often have the same components with added SPF for the day creams. When this is the case, purchasing the night cream alone and using it as a day cream while adding a layer of SPF over it is enough. Please read the labels before you decide to do this.

Day creams are a total waste of money, because they’re the same night cream of the range with SPF added in most cases.

4- There’s no skin barrier between your eyes and the rest of your face, so unless your day/night cream has a component that particularly hurts the eyes; you can skip eye cream and use the same anti-aging cream for your face and eyes. Most eye creams aren’t a different formula from that of the face cream from the same range. (This does not apply to peeling products, or any Retinols because the skin under the eye can get seriously irritated by those).

Eye creams are not necessary and can be a waste if they’re from the same range of the day/night creams.

5- Toners barely stay on the skin for a minute before being wiped away or evaporating. They often do not have any effect on your skincare routines and their only function of tightening pores can be replaced by a face wash dedicated to oily skin. Washing your face after removing your makeup, also cancels out their extra-cleaning function.

Toners, in general, are a waste of money, due to their short stay on the skin.

6- Physical exfoliators (peelings with granulated components in them) are harmful to the skin and useless in removing dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are still attached to the skin and usually flake on their own. Removing these dead cells needs chemical peelings or soft acids that can be used at home. Physical exfoliators can’t completely rub dead skin cells off; and damage the skin barriers while at it. Experiencing softer skin after using an exfoliator is nothing but the effect of the physical rubbing.

Chemical exfoliators are the solution to dead skin cells while physical peelings or exfoliators are a waste of your money and can actually hurt your skin.

I hope this article helps you prioritize your spending in terms of skincare products, and make the most out of every dollar spent in the right place!!


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