10 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Cheap or Poor If You’re Over 30

It is no secret that age is the best excuse for almost everything wrong, especially style. When you’re young, you can get away with dressing like a homeless person most of the time, and you can also get away with wearing any volatile or weird trend. This changes after 30, because at this pivotal age, style stops being too forgiving and flexible, and elegance becomes increasingly more important.

In this article, I am sharing with you 10 styles and style mistakes that will cheapen your overall look, and make you look poor, un-kept and much less elegant:
1- Not dressing for the body you have:

This will forever be the cardinal mistake of all times when it comes to style. When you don’t dress for your body type and size, you automatically look bad, and you also imply that you can’t afford the right clothes or the styling expertise.

2- Wearing oversized or undersized clothing:

A lot of plus sized ladies think that wearing oversized baggy clothes is the best way to hide or blur some of the weight. Well, that’s not the case. In reality, oversized clothes -except a few pieces- do the exact opposite and make you look like you don’t have the time to style yourself. Some also think that wearing super tight clothes will make them look better, which also does the exact opposite. The best way to go about this is to consult with a stylist at least once, because every size has a matching style that looks good on it, and plus size styles put together correctly can do wonders!

3- Wearing any of these items or styles:

Printed tees, patterned denim, colored denim, hoodies in public for something other than sports and any kind of pajama-like boho / hippie patterned pieces. These pieces are pretty much self evident. I am not saying they’re not beautiful, but they don’t usually fall under elegant, unless styled perfectly. And by printed tees I mean those with childish prints or cartoon characters, or featuring too many colors.

4- Wearing leggings as pants:

Nothing cheapens a woman’s look more than wearing leggings as pants in a non-sporty context, even if you have the body for it. It might look good on a few people, but it’s not elegant. The only leggings that could look more elegant are the ones made with thick, densely colored fabric..

5- Wearing any accessories / jewelry that doesn’t have a metallic or leather base for formal setups:

And that’s because a neat background is important to exude elegance, and no other material can cover for genuine leather and precious metals.

6- Going with raffia wedges or flats for almost everything:

Wedged heels and flats have a context, and they can be really cool on lazy afternoons, outdoorsy type of events or the beach. You can’t get away with wearing wedges for formal functions, elegant events or meetings; unless the heels are NOT made of raffia and are actually covered in expensive material such as thick deeply colored fabric, suede, velvet, or leather. The same applies to flats.

7- Carrying non-structured bags:

Non-structured bags have a nice laid back vibe to them that’s perfect for the outdoors; but that’s about it. Non-structured bags do not fit any elegant context and they’re better reserved for your beach outings.

8- Unruly waves and curls:

Nothing destroys a good look like messy hair, and more importantly, messy curls. There’s nothing wrong in going natural with your wavy or curly hair, IF and only IF, your waves or curls are perfectly put together, which is usually not the case. Those perfect “natural” curls you see on models? They’re not natural. And I don’t mean you need to get your hair styled every day; but you do need to learn easy styles that make it look put together.

9- Track suits and pants:

Some trendy suits and track pants, lately, are specifically made NOT to be worn to the gym; these are special cases. But for most, wearing track suits and pants are not the answer to anything besides home, gym and super casual settings.

Style is a very personal matter, but the rules of class and elegance aren’t. They can only be bent by very imposing personalities, or creative styling. This is why, they’re better respected most of the time if your goal is to come out elegant and sophisticated.

Disclaimer: I have nothing personal against any style. I do believe that style is personal and can be twisted creatively. BUT, I also believe that not every style, outfit or piece can be labeled as elegant or sophisticated just because it’s creative or personal.


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