5 Things You Will Change In Your Life When You Learn Self Love

We as people, struggle with all kinds of emotions in life; but the feeling we tend to struggle with the most, is self love. I don't know what is it exactly that makes it too hard for us to love ourselves, but for most, it is a mix of negative life experiences, insecurities and childhood... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Revolution 2019: 9 Lessons Lebanese People Teach You On The Streets

It's October 2019, and this is not the first time I find myself on the streets in my life. Back in March 2005, we Lebanese united again to expel the Syrian army from our country, their puppet government also resigned back then and we were able to put the people we thought we wanted in... Continue Reading →

9 Life Lessons I Learned in 2019

We live, we learn! This is how it goes for all of us planning to evolve and never repeat the same mistake twice. This year though, was a seriously grilling life experience for me on the social / personal level, so after having shared "7 Business Lessons I Learned in 2018 - 2019", here are... Continue Reading →

20 Ways to Level-Up by 2020

Leveling up is a whole topic that started trending online lately, with many gurus preaching self-love, inner growth, social growth, lifestyle improvement, physical upgrades and empowerment. I've been following on the trend closely, because FINALLY, something useful is trending online after years and years of selling an empty image to the audience. I've meant for... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Motivated When Business is Difficult

The conversation with and between entrepreneurs about motivation is not new. New and seasoned entrepreneurs both know what the motivation struggle looks like; because, in reality, keeping our levels of motivation constantly high is not an easy job, especially in times when business is still in the development phase or simply slow. In this article,... Continue Reading →

7 Signs He Really Loves You

How many times you "thought" you were in love? And how many times you thought someone loved you but they really didn't? How many times you thought someone loved you, but they loved the idea of you? How many times you thought someone loved you, but they loved their time with you? How many times... Continue Reading →

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