Coronavirus Quarantine: 15 Things To Do With Your Time

It's not an easy time to be alive, and during these globally stressful times under the coronavirus outbreak coupled with a worldwide recession; any positive contribution counts. This is why I am going to publish some content to help you and me cope with the situation, starting with this article. Now since most of us... Continue Reading →

7 Ideas for Your 15 Minutes of Self Love Amidst a Busy Day

So you have a very busy day: You woke up very early, you didn't get the time to recite your positive affirmations, you didn't also enjoy your morning routine, and you didn't even get five minutes to sip your first coffee peacefully!! But sisters do not let sisters forget that we always deserve some self-care... Continue Reading →

A Luxury Home Decor Hub at Altus

When it’s about luxury… There’s never enough things to say.   In a previous article, we talked about how important is designer furniture and luxury home decor for an individual’s identity, status and self expression. But on the 23rd of May, Altus brought to life these creative spaces with an event made for the socialites to experience the... Continue Reading →

Dress Your Address in Luxury & Style

High End Furniture, a Favorite of the Modern Jet Set We are living in an age where lifestyle is no longer a vain consumerist expense. In fact, lifestyle has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, out of becoming the first and most important channel to express a person’s individuality and view of the world. One... Continue Reading →

The New Definition of Luxury

In most English dictionaries, “luxury” is defined as a life of great comfort and abundance. Coco Chanel defines it as the absence of vulgarity. And Lwren Scott defines it as a state of mind. Yet, the concept of “luxury” is a highly fluid concept. “Luxury” to some people can only be defined by spending a lot of money on things... Continue Reading →

Be Camera Ready at all Times

It is the age of pictures: We are spending considerable amounts of time, taking editing and uploading our pictures to different social media channels; and even more time checking out what others just uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and other channels, in real time. And the more one is involved in fashion, lifestyle or luxury industries;... Continue Reading →

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