Seven Tips To Survive In A Girls’ World -1-

Girls’ world is competitive and cruel. For unknown reasons (at least to me), spaces and industries filled with women end up as dark pits for cheap rivalries, shallow competition, little jealousies and a lot of pettiness. I am not trying to discount the genuine ladies who do indeed focus on the essence and refuse to engage... Continue Reading →

Be Camera Ready at all Times

It is the age of pictures: We are spending considerable amounts of time, taking editing and uploading our pictures to different social media channels; and even more time checking out what others just uploaded on Facebook, Instagram and other channels, in real time. And the more one is involved in fashion, lifestyle or luxury industries;... Continue Reading →

Summer Body Peeling

In this article, I will teach you how to prepare and use an essential oils summer body peeling that’ll make your body’s skin literally glow all summer long. (Pictures at the end) I get too many questions about my skin, especially about my body’s skin that’s always super soft and glowing. The truth is, I... Continue Reading →

Confidence Over Style

A lot of style, has to do with how style affects confidence. In effect, all it takes is for one to notice how much more confident they are when all styled up. Style then, is not a shallow concept, but one that actually transcends looks to affect attitude and human behavior. In my long journey with... Continue Reading →

A Tan with Benefit

Searching for the perfect bronzer was always one of my makeup missions; until I found “Hoola” by “Benefit Cosmetics”. I have been using it for about a year now, and I must say it’s unbeatable. The “Hoola” range by “Benefit Cosmetics” is not limited to the “Hoola” bronzer. This summer, this line is covering all... Continue Reading →

Starting this Summer in Muscat

Hot destinations are my crush! The hotter the better… and that is because I like getting my summer tan in May and early June. This year though, I started my summer in Muscat. A combination of leisure and business, this two weeks trips where I spent most of my time on the golden sands of the Arabian... Continue Reading →

Do Light Colors Make You Look Fat?

I get this question a lot from my friends and readers! Do light colors make you look fat? Here’s the key answer: Well it depends, not every single white, gray, beige or pastel piece makes you look fat. Other factors are involved in this equation and these are: The cut of the piece, the styling, the... Continue Reading →

Pink Blazer Kind of Moods

I have about three pink blazers, and they all belong to a time where I was in a much cheerful mood and less into darker colors. Lucky enough, they are very cross-season and always there for the days where I need a small positive lift. Do not underestimate the power of  colors. A soft pink... Continue Reading →

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