4 Lifestyle Habits I Am Happy I Left In 2019

We all have some bad lifestyle habits, and we all have an addiction or two that we just can't seem to get rid of easily. I, as a very proud Scorpio, tend to cling to my most destructive habits and also tend to be prone to several more or less serious addictions. Behind all the... Continue Reading →

10 Positive Mantras To Brighten Your Day Everyday

Nothing will make our lives better than implementing strong positive mantras in it, and truly believe in each and every one of them. Having positive mantras driving our subconscious mind will keep us mentally and emotionally strong to face every day loaded with positive energy. It will also help us stay aware enough to find... Continue Reading →

Best Makeup Tips of 2019

We ladies, are spending a long time every single day online; which means we are also bombarded with makeup pictures, tutorial videos and random tips. Every beauty guru with an online channel seems to be sharing loads of information, and telling right from wrong is becoming a matter of hands on experience. 2019 was a... Continue Reading →

Mesotherapy Review – NOT SPONSORED

I am very well aware that most beauty reviews you read online by influencers, are sponsored by brands. This is why I am sharing with you this mesotherapy review because: 1- It is truly the one treatment you will ever need for the youngest most radiant skin you ever had. 2- I am not promoting... Continue Reading →

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