On National Pride, Solidarity and La Mode A Beyrouth

Over 400 different media outlets covered "La Mode A Beyrouth", which is our currently official Beirut Fashion Week; so adding one more feature, over a week later, isn't exactly added value. This feature is not about La Mode A Beyrouth as a fashion week; but as a moment of solidarity, national pride and Beirut. Media... Continue Reading →

How to Beat your Coffee Addiction

So if you've been following me on Twitter, then you probably know I am a huge coffee addict; yes, COFFEE ADDICT. I just cannot function without coffee and naturally crave it! I always end up drinking 4-5 mugs of black American coffee during the day, and struggling to sleep at night. The official dilemma of... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Blogging

I’ve been blogging for two months now, and to the most honest of statements: I am so glad I already started blogging. Some reflections on blogging had been on my mind for a while, and at some point, I had to spare the time and write them down. I was quite confused between personal style... Continue Reading →

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