5 Ways The Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect The Luxury Industry In 2020

I'm very sure businesses in the luxury industry always have backup plans for everything. But I'm not sure these plans actually cover semi-apocalyptic scenarios like the one we’re witnessing today with the COVID-19 outbreak that’s putting the whole world in a global lock down. As this is being written, the aviation sector all over the... Continue Reading →

7 Productive Things Entrepreneurs Can Do In A Home Quarantine Period

During this self imposed quarantine we're living under the corona virus outbreak, entrepreneurs are particularly stressed out because most businesses are stalling as if frozen in time; while the business cycle doesn't really wait for anyone or anything. As an entrepreneur myself, I am trying to make the most out of this period by getting... Continue Reading →

27 Thoughts of a Woman at 27

As every birthday since the creation of this blog, I share with you lessons I learned from my life, or facts that shape me and transform me gradually into the better woman I thrive to become. In these articles, I try not to focus on myself as much as I try to relate to women... Continue Reading →

Style & The Weather

Those who know me well; know that the weather is never on my radar when I am trying to pick a style for an event or just a day out. Now of course, I can tell the difference between a sand storm and a snow storm; but I usually select my outfit, then decide on... Continue Reading →

Last Of Summer Outfits

Saying goodbye to summer is to me, the hardest goodbye of the year. I love summer. For me, summer is like pizza: when it is good, it’s really good; and when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Summer outfits are by far my favorites: the fabrics, the colors, the prints, and the limitless possibilities created... Continue Reading →

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