Fashion Pieces You Need To Own In Black

Black is king! This we already know when it comes to fashion! But do we know why is that? First, black compliments most skin tones and is a universal color that looks good on virtually everyone. Second, black tends to give a more luxurious feel for any fabric or material you can think of. Third,... Continue Reading →

The 2020 Fashion Trends You Absolutely Need To Know

2020 in fashion, is a year of serious comebacks! Between romantic fashion and last century's trends, 2020 fashion trends seems to recap the past while projecting some futuristic vibes! I've collected the below graphic report to present you those trends in a simple format of pictures, titles and captions; so scroll down for your 2020... Continue Reading →

The Style File of 2019

2019 wasn't much of a "fashion year", just like 2018. In effect, it must be one of the years I focused on everything except my "style". 2019 was a true struggle for me as a person, and for my country Lebanon; which left me and much of us, Lebanese, out-of-mood for everything that can be... Continue Reading →

On The Art of Simplicity

Simplicity is key, and this art of simplicity is something that some fashionistas ace, while other still need a couple of tweaks and turns to get. I have to admit that the art of being simple for me, can be credited directly to my laziness (mostly); then to my disdain for cumbersome extra frills. But at the same... Continue Reading →

Fashion Advice from a Lebanese Influencer

When you're close to the fashion and lifestyle industries, and you're on an excess of everything, is exactly when you start making the difference between what's worth it or not! Here are a few lessons I learned the hard way...         Glamorously Yours; Patricia 

Do Light Colors Make You Look Fat?

I get this question a lot from my friends and readers! Do light colors make you look fat? Here’s the key answer: Well it depends, not every single white, gray, beige or pastel piece makes you look fat. Other factors are involved in this equation and these are: The cut of the piece, the styling, the... Continue Reading →

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