Catching Up – The Style File 2018

Well ...  I know I've been away from blogging for a while, as mentioned in my new introduction to this blog (you can read it HERE)!! My style file on the blog had been empty because I've haven't blogged anything related to my style for months! Not to try to hide the sun, I've also... Continue Reading →

Paris Like a Local

I’ve been to Paris before, more than once… And I’ve already developed all the good habits of a typical Arab tourist in Paris. Except that… cities become really interesting when you get to see them like locals do; and when you get to discover little gems here and there; gems that are usually hidden to... Continue Reading →

Dubai With Batiste

So I’ve been away for a while with a strict decision to do nothing but what matters, and attend nothing but what I believe to be interesting and value added. And then, one of my favorite brands “Batiste” invited me with a friend to “Dubai” to attend their new launch! I wasn’t going to pass... Continue Reading →

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