A November to Remember In Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful city that I've explored several times before, during several seasons. I've seen it under  the burning summer sun, and covered by snow on new year's eve. But this year, 2019, I got to explore it in November for the first time. My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Istanbul for... Continue Reading →

5 Travel Packing Tips You Should Always Follow

So I've been traveling forever, and always falling for the same packing mistake ... mainly over-packing! I always end up coming back home with half of my outfits unworn, and most of my beauty products unused, regretting all the load I had to carry on all the way to another country! Now I don't know... Continue Reading →

Starting this Summer in Muscat

Hot destinations are my crush! The hotter the better… and that is because I like getting my summer tan in May and early June. This year though, I started my summer in Muscat. A combination of leisure and business, this two weeks trips where I spent most of my time on the golden sands of the Arabian... Continue Reading →

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